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Making the Holidays Merrier

Citizens Pay’s Buy Now Pay Later offering lets consumers responsibly purchase all the gifts on their shopping lists


Gifting season has begun! This year is already shaping up to be a challenge for consumers who are facing anticipated product shortages and increased demand. One bright spot is a payment option that retailers are able to offer shoppers. The Buy Now Pay Later plan from Citizens Pay offers a flexible way for consumers to purchase what they want minus the stress of opening a new credit card. Andrew Rostami, president of Citizens Pay, shares the details.

Andrew Rostami, President of Citizens Pay
Andrew Rostami, President of Citizens Pay

TWICE: What is the anticipated tone for the holiday season? And how is it different from last year?

ROSTAMI: The pandemic has greatly disrupted the global supply chain, leaving a shortage of product and an increased demand for goods. Last year, droves of people adopted online shopping out of necessity and now consumer expectation for an exceptional digital experience at every turn has grown greater than ever. Consumers are increasingly looking for omnichannel options, looking to shop both online as well as in-store.

Consumers are looking for a digital-first experience and a flexible way to pay for purchases without the need to open another credit card account. Consumers are turning to “Buy Now, Pay Later”, or installment loans so they can spend responsibly without getting mired in credit card debt.

TWICE: What is the Buy Now Pay Later solution that you provide to big brands like Apple, Best Buy and Walmart? Why might BNPL be even more compelling now than in years past?

ROSTAMI: Payment options are integrated into the core product value proposition, not just a payment option at checkout, but rather an integral part of the product. This solution also gives manufacturers the ability to embed financing and extend product-as-a-service offerings. Engagement points are built into the experience, including frictionless ways to upgrade to newer and premium models. Customers have access to an “open to buy,” allowing them to understand how additional products can be added to their single monthly payment.

Citizens’ research shows that 76% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase with a payment plan, but do not want to open a credit card to make that purchase. This shows consumers are moving to a new option that is more financially responsible and convenient. They don’t have to figure out how to pay off a large sum on a credit card bill all at once, so they are less likely to fall into debt.

TWICE: How does a consumer electronics financing plan drive growth, amplify holiday sales and boost loyalty for retailers?

ROSTAMI: Our clients are seeing new customers because of a better experience and the seamless financing is increasing the sales lift with an increase in average order value of over 30%. Citizens Pay helps merchants boost sales and increase consumer loyalty by enabling their customers to make repeat purchases and upgrades in a financially responsible way. Our platform has demonstrated the ability to drive impressive sales growth with a best-in-class customer experience.

TWICE:  How do the typical conversion rates increase when financing is seamlessly integrated into the shopping journey?

ROSTAMI: A total of 72% of consumers cite an order being too expensive as the reason for cart abandonment. Citizens Pay’s seamless digital experience and transparent installment financing options make the decision easier for consumers to purchase the items they can afford now. When a merchant is using Citizens Pay, consumers know upfront what their financing can be and what their new purchasing power is, which leads to less cart abandonment. In fact, the Citizens Pay experience can be seamlessly embedded throughout the shopping journey, such as upon log-in of the site and while browsing for products, which improves conversion rates higher in the shopping funnel.

TWICE: How can retailers get started with this type of program? What is involved to get up and running?

ROSTAMI: We have flexible integration methods enabling go-to-market launch in a week or so depending on complexity. The credit application is embedded within the retailer’s site providing a fully integrated experience. We work in partnership with clients to customize the experience to suit their specific brand, channels, and shopping journeys.  This builds a truly best-in-class program.

TWICE: Where can viewers go for more information?

ROSTAMI: Please visit .