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By: Mark Ryski |

Using Customer Conversion Insights to Drive Sales Performance

OK, you purchased traffic counters, had them installed in your stores and started collecting data -you may even have some interesting graphs and charts to show for

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By: Joseph Jacoboni |

Customer Support Critical To Success

In today’s market, no company can afford to lose customers due to lack of focus on critical touch points, including customer support. In the PC/CE and

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By: Leslie Chard |

Consumers Want Multi-room Wireless

To date, wireless systems have played a small role in the distribution of HD video content within the home. This is

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By: Lani MacRae |

New Opportunities in a New Economy

The 2009 ENERGY STAR Appliance Partner Meeting

The 10th annual Energy Star Appliance Partner Meeting drew a record number (more than 200 in

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By: Stephen Baker |

Windows 7 Launch Starts Here!

As Windows 7 begins its assault on the consumer retail marketplace today, so far, despite a few questionable decisions, the marketing, merchandising, and retail

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By: John LeMoncheck |

SiBEAM's CEO on IFA and CEATEC 2009

This year I attended both IFA in Berlin and CEATEC in Japan to

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By: Stephen Baker |

Don’t Kick The Holiday To The Curb!!

I once again have completed my annual Black Friday store observation trip throughout Northern Virginia. Usually I can walk away and say either this is going to be

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By: Bill Matthies |

The Advent Of The ‘New’ A/V Independent

By some estimates the number of U.S. independent A/V car and home dealers is less than 70 percent of what it was 10 years ago. Some believe there are half as many,

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By: Stephen Baker |

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Those of us on the East Coast were buried this past weekend in a monumental December snowstorm leading some to fear that holiday sales would be interrupted.

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By: Paul Jacobs |

Are We Really Aware Of An Era Passing In Real Time?

Paul Jacobs, President and COO of Klipsch Group, Inc.  

I have often pondered this question. After all, when reflecting back

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