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Research Firms See PC Sales Down Again In Q3

11/05/2001 02:00:00 AM Eastern

The six-month long falloff of PC sales continued in the third quarter with only Dell managing to show any growth for the period, according to the research firms Gartner Dataquest and International Data Corp (IDC).

Numbers released in late October by Dataquest and IDC show Dell's market share in the United States grew 5.6 percent to 25, and 5.9 percent to 26.4, respectively. Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq and Gateway each saw their shipment numbers tumble by at least one-third, compared to the same period in 2000. Compaq suffered the worst with IDC stating its U.S. PC shipments fell by half and Dataquest being slightly more generous, indicating Compaq was only off 42.7 percent. The firms estimated Compaq, which is in the process of merging with HP, shipped about 1.1 million PCs in the quarter. At the same time the company's market share fell to 10.7 percent from 17.3 percent, but this was still enough for Compaq to remain the second largest PC vendor.

HP, Gateway and IBM rounded out the list of the top five PC vendors on IDC and Dataquest lists.

The already weak PC market was aggravated by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks which helped push worldwide PC sales down to about 30 million for the quarter. In the United States about 10 million units were shipped, down from the 13-million level in 2000. This is the second consecutive quarter that PC sales fell.

Dataquest's Preliminary U.S. PC Shipment Leaders, Q3

(Thousands of units)

Company Q3 2001 Shipments Q3 2001 Share Q3 2000 Shipments Q3 2000 Share Growth
Dell 2,731 25.0% 2,587 19.2% 5.6%
Compaq 1,280 11.7% 2,234 16.6% -42.7%
Hewlett-Packard 963 8.8% 1,444 10.7% -33.3%
Gateway 810 7.4% 1,217 9.0% -33.5%
IBM 690 6.3% 737 5.5% -6.3%
Others 4,470 40.8% 5,242 38.9% -14.7%
Total Market 10,944 100.0% 13,460 100.0% -18.7%
Note: Data includes desk-based PCs, mobile PCs and PC servers. Source: Gartner Dataquest

IDC's Preliminary Top 5 U.S. PC Shipment Leaders, Q3

(Thousands of units)

Company Q3 2001 Shipments Q3 2001 Share Q3 2000 Shipments Q3 2000 Share Growth
Dell 2,731 26.4% 2,578 19.7% 5.9%
Compaq 1,108 10.7% 2,258 17.3% -50.9%
Hewlett-Packard 962 9.3% 1,442 11.0% -33.2%
Gateway 814 7.9% 1,188 9.1% -31.5%
IBM 690 6.7% 739 5.6% -6.7%
Others 4,036 39.0% 4,884 37.3% -17.4%
All Vendors 10,341 100.0% 13,089 100.0% -21.0%
Note: Data excludes OEM sales for all vendors. Gateway and Compaq are IDC estimates prior

to company release of quarterly results. Source: IDC ©TWICE 2001

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