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Watch Your Child Learn to Play an Instrument With PracticePad Live-Streaming Platform for Music Lessons

PracticePad Is a Great Option for Parents Looking for Effective, Fun, and Private Virtual Music Lessons

QUEENS, N.Y. — March 31, 2022 — Real Brave, a leading music educator and virtual classroom developer, is helping children learn to play an instrument virtually with PracticePad™. The engaging audio, video, and collaboration platform lets students connect with and learn from music professionals in a one-on-one, live-streaming environment. Parents and students can see their progress as they take music lessons. By including visible proof, PracticePad helps students get better, inspires them to stick with their lessons, and encourages more practice.

“Learning an instrument is a journey, one in which we want parents and students to be active and able to see how far they’ve come,” said Daniel Powers Jr., singer, songwriter, and founder of Real Brave’s music schools and creator of PracticePad. “I’ve witnessed countless parents frustrated when their child doesn’t seem to have anything to show from their weekly lesson. What distinguishes PracticePad from other online music programs and schools is that our teachers tailor lessons to each student. We want instruction to resonate with each child, so every lesson is recorded and saved to their video library. Coupling that with thoughtful feedback and measurable, achievable weekly goals makes all the difference. The fact that parents and students can actively see their progress over time and participate in that process makes learning much more exciting, eliminates that frustration, and makes the journey a joy.”

PracticePad Connects Teachers and Tech to Create Musicians
Created with a team of expert developers and advisors, Real Brave’s PracticePad software merges the best of in-person and virtual learning. No matter where students are located, they can receive engaging, best-in-class instruction that happens one-on-one. Lessons are taught live by trained music professionals from all over the world, with different disciplines and backgrounds that bring extensive experience on a wide range of instruments. What sets Real Brave’s instructors apart is their passion for connecting with people.

Teachers tailor every lesson to the needs and skill level of each student, steadily and confidently building their aptitude. This approach — paired with innovative tech features such as cutting-edge audio and video, recording capabilities, personalized lesson content, and weekly progress maps —helps students to become more proficient, confident musicians. Plus, PracticePad offers lessons at a time that’s most convenient for them instead of adhering to a rigid schedule.

Now accessed directly from or the app, PracticePad is incredibly user-friendly. From the all-in-one, proprietary platform, students can view notes from their lessons, videos of their accomplishments, personalized demonstrations, and a library of skills and song tutorials. They can also access schedules and billing.

More information on PracticePad is available at Real Brave.

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About Real Brave
Real Brave is a renowned music school in New York. It caters to all individuals regardless of their learning style, capability, goals, or potential. Together with a multidisciplinary and relatable staff who are People First, Musicians Second, Real Brave offers a music learning experience like no other. After growing to three locations to serve the New York area, Real Brave launched PracticePad™, pioneering a new way to deliver music instruction globally. The audio, video, and collaboration software enables students to receive personalized and engaging live-streamed lessons from certified instructors. From the platform, students can access notes and videos from their lesson, personalized demonstrations of skills, a library of skills and song tutorials, and more to take their abilities to the next level. More information can be found at Real Brave.

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Photo Caption: PracticePad™ virtual music school, featuring Real Brave music school’s proprietary, all-in-one learning platform, is the perfect option for parents wanting their children to be inspired and accountable when taking music lessons.

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