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U.S.-Based Dok Solution Defends Patents Against Large Foreign Company – Dok Solution Has Over 40 Patented DOK Products for Cradling, Charging, & Music Entertainment



Lawsuit Illuminates Problem that Small U.S. Companies Have with Larger Foreign Companies

Infringing on U.S. Patents Restricting U.S. Distribution to Big Box Retailers

Dok Solution Has Been Developing Products in the U.S. for 25 Years, with Over

40 Patented DOK Products for Cradling, Charging, & Music Entertainment

Largo, FL, September 9, 2015 – Dok Solution, parent company of Easy-Doks, a U.S.-based company that invents, manufactures and sells charging docking stations and music products for over 25 years, announced today that it obtained a favorable patent claim ruling (Markman Ruling) in the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, in its continuing patent infringement and enforcement lawsuit against FKA Distributing Co.d/b/a HoMedics Inc. for products manufactured by Shenzhen,China-based Shenzhen Dehuida Technology Co., Ltd. The court ruled in Dok Solution’s favor, increasing Dok Solution’s ability to take the charging device company to trial for patent infringement in the lawsuit entitled:  Dok Solution LLC v. FKA Distributing Co., Case No. 8:2014-cv-0910-JSM-TBM, with trial set for November, 2016.

Dok Solution is protecting its patents from FKA, whose products are infringing on Dok Solution’s device cradling and charging patents. The court’s favorable ruling paves the way for Dok Solution to obtain a favorable jury verdict, which would be a great victory for U.S. companies as more and more foreign companies bring infringing products to the U.S., which restricts distribution of smaller U.S. company products to big box retailers. These big box retailers predominantly prefer selling products from large companies, not knowing that these large foreign companies may have illegally infringed on U.S. patents. 

Protecting Innovation in the U.S.A.

In addition to an over 25-year history of innovations and patents for recording/playing music from music entertainment products, Dok Solution has been developing DOK branded products using the unique cradling and charging patents listed below for the past 7 years, with over 40 products developed. Dok Solution’s unique patented concepts include universal cradles for holding and charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices; supplying power to the device through a USB female port builtinto the clock radio speaker and more. See Dok Solution’s patent info:   

“Small U.S. companies must stand up and defend themselves against these larger foreign companies that infringe on U.S. patents and keep the smaller innovative companies out of big box retailers,” said Jack Strauser, CEO, Dok Solution LLC. “These big companies sometimes think that because they have money and are big firms, they can do whatever they want against the little U.S.A. headquartered companies.” Dok Solution is being represented by the Tampa, Florida-based Dixit Law Firm. Dixit Law Firm Attorney Shyamie Dixit said, “We are confident that justice will be served and that Dok Solution LLC will prevail in this case.”

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About Dok Solution/Easy-Doks

Based in Largo, Florida, Dok Solution LLC and Easy-Doks have been manufacturing electronic products for over 25 years, designing innovative and unique, high-quality products that are reliable and affordable, with over 40 patented products for cradling and charging, and music entertainment products incorporating patents for charging and recording/playing music from personal electronic devices.  Easy-Doks’, DOK brand is the go-to source for quick-charging all devices, providing low-priced solutions to solve all charging needs, from reliable smartphone charging stations and docks to travel-ready portable chargers. Easy-Doks are made from the best electronic circuit boards and components available, subjected to strenuous testing — DOK charging units will last forever. 

The “Truly Universal” multi-charger docking stations have a patented cradle that will hold any and all smart devices with or without their case. With Smart Current Detection technology “SCD,” the DOK  docking stations can recognize and charge any smart device with a USB charging port (tablet, phone, MP3 player, or Bluetooth headset, and more) with the correct power needed, without overcharging. Select DOK chargers also include a “Tidy-Cable Organizer” and vertical USB ports for easy access and storage to charge, view, listen and answer phones wirelessly, all at the same time. In addition, Dok Solution manufactures and supplies Karaoke USA products with unique patented features compatible with all smart devices, with the ability to download and record music and voice simultaneously with an “Automatic Playback” button. For more information, see and, Facebook:   


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