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Protect + Connect AV Systems with SurgeX Connect

Combined with the superior protection of the SurgeX product line, SurgeX Connect sets a high standard for remote power management.

SurgeX, a brand of AMETEK Power Quality Solutions and a leader in power protection, power conditioning, diagnostic intelligence and remote monitoring solutions for the AV market, debuts SurgeX Connect at InfoComm 2023. SurgeX Connect sets a new standard for power quality monitoring and fleet management: Comprising powerful cloud-based software and firmware, it enables integrators to easily manage compatible SurgeX devices, diagnose power quality issues, and monitor installations from a centralized hub.

Power quality assurance is essential for every AV project to ensure installations operate safely and reliably throughout their lifecycle. Integrators must carefully select suitable power solutions for each project and manage power quality across multiple locations to provide the highest safety, performance and efficiency standards. Overseeing and managing power across every site ensures a disruption-free experience and supports the longevity of systems. Depending on the company’s size, this can involve monitoring tens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices across sites.

SurgeX Connect streamlines multi-site power management into a cloud-based, intuitive and secure dashboard to allow integrators to take control of their installations’ power quality easily. Its intuitive and secure platform enables integrators to monitor, toggle, reboot and control outlets and devices remotely, empowering integrators to meet power quality requirements across project sites confidently. The interface delivers a consistent, high-quality experience, leveraging its robust connectivity, comprehensive device management, remote monitoring, and advanced analytics from SurgeX’s most trusted power protection technologies.

“For nearly three decades, SurgeX has evolved forward with the needs of its customers, designing power management and power quality products that safeguard valuable AV equipment and make delivering optimal power quality simple,” said Marcel Hill, Vice President / Business Unit Manager for AMETEK Power Quality Solutions. “The release of SurgeX Connect starts our next chapter: We’ve designed this product to offer an outstanding user experience that compiles all facets of power management into a centralized hub. We look forward to giving our customers additional confidence as they proactively protect and connect their customers’ projects.”

Through the SurgeX Connect web portal, integrators can conveniently view, manage and control fleets from any location with internet access at any time. Integrators can monitor and categorize devices based on status, connectivity, battery charge, battery life, input voltage and energy usage, allowing them to identify and resolve device issues from afar. With SurgeX Connect, integrators can remotely reboot and toggle outlets, eliminating the need for costly truck rolls and onsite troubleshooting while optimizing AV system performance. This solution is particularly beneficial for managing installations that are challenging to access, either due to geographical location or complex project design. It provides added convenience and accessibility for integrators who need to service such sites. A screenshot of the SurgeX Connect interface -- a web based portal -- shows measurements and metrics for evaluating power quality.

SurgeX Connect also lets integrators view device analytics and detect recurrent power problems. By inspecting data and event logs, they can promptly diagnose issues and make informed decisions to support the longevity of systems. Additionally, integrators can export data and event logs to compile valuable insights for long-term system maintenance and customer satisfaction. These features help them proactively monitor, manage and maintain power quality, preventing potential problems from causing more significant interruptions or damaging connected devices over time.

The software’s first release is now available free of charge for the SurgeX UPS Standalone and SQUID. Additional availability across the full-spectrum SurgeX product line is slated to roll out in 2023. Visit and create an account to get started. For more information and to see the product in action, connect with your Regional Sales Manager at InfoComm 2023, booth #3001.

With a nearly three-decade commitment to continuous innovation, SurgeX continuously evolves its product line to suit the newest demands of AV integrators and its customers. To learn more about AMETEK SurgeX, visit