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SPRING Enters Marketplace as Strategic Retail Accelerator to Build, Launch and Grow Brands Across Multiple Retail Channels

Strategic Planning & Retail Innovation Group (SPRING) accelerates the go-to-market process for IP owners, using decades of experience launching successful brands at national retail

Strategic Planning & Retail Innovation Group (SPRING) launches today as the go-to retail accelerator for brands that want to increase their speed to retail with minimized risk and maximized potential. Formerly operating as Retail Group, SPRING’s proprietary retail methodology accelerates the go-to-market process, preparing innovative brands for success and becoming their liaison to retailers.

“It’s an exciting new era of retail where the road from IP to the shelf is shorter than ever, but the journey for those not prepared for the needs of a demanding retail marketplace can end before it even begins,” said Greg Appelhof, Founder/CEO of SPRING. “Before presenting to our retailers, we run our clients through a ‘retail-ready’ bootcamp to ensure they have positioned their brand and product for the demands of today’s consumer – then present the retail opportunity through our access to the world’s biggest and best retailers.”

SPRING collaborates with a wide variety of clients, from global powerhouses like adidas to breakthrough startups like Nest, who benefit from the company’s portfolio of services:

  • Build – SPRING uses a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the retail equation to help IP owners build a brand and product platform with the highest possible chance of success.
  • Launch – At SPRING, sell-through is equally as important as sell-in. The company orchestrates all facets of the brand launch at retail, synchronizing marketing efforts with product availability across all retail channels.
  • Grow – Every product has a lifecycle. SPRING works with its partners to ensure that every product and every brand reaches its potential through a scalable roadmap.

SPRING brings value in its “retail-back” strategy, in which key learnings come from both the industry veterans at SPRING and the retailers themselves. The long time, top-down retail relationships provide SPRING with consumer insights and an inside perspective of the retailer’s product category goals and vision, allowing SPRING to align clients’ offerings with the wants and needs of the market.

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Headquartered in Minneapolis, SPRING is a retail accelerator for the consumer packaged goods market, helping brands build, launch and grow on a national scale. SPRING partners with entrepreneurial businesses and IP owners, ensuring the brand is positioned to minimize risk and realize the full potential of the retail opportunity through access to the world’s biggest and best retailers.