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Screen Research Is First Screen Manufacturer to Receive Certification from Professional Video Alliance

Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projection-screen solutions designed for custom Home Theater and professional Cinema applications, is pleased to announce that they are the first screen manufacturer to have received certification from the Professional Video Alliance (PVA). The materials for Screen Research’s ClearPix™, SolidPix™, and FusionPix™ series of screens will be featured as part of the Adeo Group’s exhibit at ISE 2023, Stand 2L600.

The PVA thoroughly tests video products to ensure they meet all manufacturer specifications and provide the ultimate performance under reference and other demanding conditions. Customers can feel assured that products with the PVA Certified logo have been subjected to the PVA’s rigorous screen-certification standardsManufacturers can submit products to the PVA offices or to approved third-party certification organizations for certification. In addition, the PVA may visit the manufacturer for in-facility testing and make recommendations for excellence concerning product improvement.

“Our continuous search for and pursuit of industry-leading performance in both picture quality and acoustic transparency have led us to this latest achievement in pushing reference performance into every aspect of our fabrics,” said Sasha Defranceschi, Adeo Group CTO and Co-owner. “We are proud to be the first screen manufacturer to earn PVA certification—yet another testament to the leading role that Screen Research plays in the high-performance video-projection screen market.”

We applaud the efforts to continually push the boundaries of performance for the Screen Research products by seeking our certification,” said PVA founder Gregg Loewen. “When a manufacturer is at the bleeding edge of technology innovation, it is essential to have independent testing to ensure that maximum performance is consistently achieved—without compromise.

 In addition to its product-certification programs, the PVA offers extensive training for video professionals worldwide in performance-theater design, video-product selection, installation, and optimization. The next in-person training sessions will be held in Las Vegas April 20–23 and in Amsterdam May 16–19.

“We are pleased to welcome Screen Research PVA-Certified Screens as part of our classroom training as we strive to deliver a reference-level environment for optimal performance,” Loewen continued.

During ISE 2023, Loewen will be available in the Adeo/Screen Research booth, 2L600, to discuss training and certification opportunities.

About Screen Research
Screen Research is a world-class provider of innovative projector-screen solutions for custom home theater and professional cinema applications. Their handcrafted and European-built screens, available as a wide selection of customized products, are engineered to meet the most challenging design and installation requirements. Distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide, Screen Research offers an extensive line of state-of-the-art video-projection screens, most notably its award-winning, acoustically transparent ClearPix® screens, certified by both THX® and ISF®. Founded in France in 2001, Screen Research was acquired in October 2010 by the Adeo Group. For more information, please visit

About the Professional Video Alliance (PVA)

Founded in 2018, the Professional Video Alliance is an alliance of video-product manufacturers and video professionals who understand that collaboration and cooperation are far better and more profitable than working in isolation. PVA members share best practices and offer support to each other at trade shows and other events. In addition, the PVA offers product certification by independent testing labs to assure integrators and consumers that PVA-certified products perform as advertised. The PVA also offers calibration training for post-production and home-theater installation professionals, with over 300 certified professionals worldwide. For more information, please visit