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SCOTTeVEST Releases the Laptop-Ready OTG Jackets

Ketchum, ID (Sept 21, 2016) –SCOTTeVEST, the leader in clothing for mobile lifestyles, today announces immediate availability for their Off The Grid (OTG) Jackets for Men and Women. The jackets feature 29 thoughtfully-engineered pockets including two front Rapid Access Panels™, which reveal massive compartments that can hold a laptop (except Women’s XS and S) without showing bumps or bulges. With the OTG Jackets, SCOTTeVEST has taken every design detail into account to ensure maximum carrying capacity while retaining a sleek and streamlined profile.

Since 2000 SCOTTeVEST has continually revolutionized the clothing industry by designing garments to hold new and popular consumer electronics. In 2010 the company released clothing to hold the Apple iPad® just minutes after Tim Cook unveiled it – now they’re at it again. Created for modern professionals, tech-lovers and all-around busy people, the OTG Jackets are engineered to improve life on the go for those who need quick access to both large and small devices. 

“The OTG Jackets truly marry function and fashion – the laptop compartments create an entirely new category of pocket that is neither internal or external,” said CEO and co-founder Scott Jordan. “As simple as it sounds, it takes a lot of effort to engineer the perfect pocket. Over the last 16 years we’ve perfected our formula and the OTG Jackets are the epitome of SCOTTeVEST engineering. We tripled carrying capacity without affecting the look, making it too warm and still allowing consumers to stay connected to every device in their mobile lifestyle.”

Key features include:

  • Two Rapid Access Panels™ that can securely hold a laptop (except Women’s XS and S) during daily activities and commutes
  • One PadPocket™ to comfortably and securely hold an iPad®, Windows or Android tablet
  • Two interior Clear Touch™ pockets to see and use touchscreen devices without removing them pockets
  • One RFID Blocking Pocket that blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies, keeping credit cards and passport information secure from high-tech skimmers and thieves

The OTG Jackets also features the patented Personal Area Network (PAN). Ideal for charging devices on the go or keeping headphones in the collar for easy access, the PAN paired with an external battery and charging cable will keep even the most battery-hungry devices at full charge. 

When fully loaded with a laptop, tablet and more gadgets or daily essentials the OTG Jackets feels balanced, similar to the shoulder straps of a backpack. Thanks to the chiropractor-tested and specially engineered Weight Management System, the jackets will balance the weight load across the entire garment, so the wearer’s movement is not impeded and their upper back won’t get tired or sore.

Ideal for cooler climates, the 100% Nylon ripstop quilted jackets are machine washable and Nano-treated for water and stain resistance. The OTG Jackets are available to purchase now for $215 and come in black and midnight blue for men, black and plum for women. To download hi-res images of the OTG Jackets, please see here.


Since 2000, SCOTTeVEST has revolutionized the clothing industry with a very simple idea: people need more (and “smarter”) pockets! Anyone with a mobile lifestyle, from professionals on the go, technophiles, outdoor adventurers to just all-around busy people, can use SCOTTeVEST clothing to free up the clutter in their lives and focus on the moment, not where their stuff is (or isn’t). For more information, visit