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Pure Imagination Issued Patent For Culinary System That Uses A Connected Scale And Smart Device To Ensure Perfect Results

VANCOUVER, Wash., Feb. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –Pure Imagination, LLC, a leading developer of connected kitchen products for the smart home, is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued US Patent No. 8,829,365.

Pure Imagination’s patented system connects a smart scale to a smart device – wirelessly or wired – allowing for communication between the scale and the device to ensure the perfect combination of ingredients every time.  An app on the user’s device outlines a given recipe in a new digital format and presents a series of actions to be performed and ingredients to be added.  Ingredients are poured directly into a container placed on the scale and measured in real time on screen based on the information provided by the scale. Measuring by weight, rather than volume, is the most reliable and consistent form of measuring culinary ingredients.

“The protection provided by this patent allows us to develop and bring to market innovative products that enable anyone to make the perfect food and beverages like never before,” said Darin Barri, co-owner, Pure Imagination.  “We’ve reinvented the traditional recipe format and by using a smart scale and smart device have made the process foolproof.” 

Pure Imagination’s patented system, designed to maintain culinary ratios, also allows users to rescale a recipe to a desired serving size or to the least ingredient on hand.  It even detects over pouring, alerting the user and readjusting other ingredients accordingly to fix the recipe.

“We will vigorously enforce our patent and have an established history of successfully protecting our innovative intellectual property,” said Michael Wallace, co-owner, Pure Imagination.  “We also have patents pending, which will further strengthen our position in the connected kitchen.”

Initial products in the marketplace covered by the patent, sold under the Perfect(TM) brand, include the Perfect Drink® app-controlled smart bartending system and Perfect Bake(TM) app-controlled smart baking system.  With Perfect Drink, users are able to create world-class cocktails right at home, while Perfect Bake allows anyone to become a master pastry chef.

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Headquartered in Vancouver, WA, Pure Imagination, LLC specializes in developing and manufacturing unique technology-based products for consumers. 

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