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New Portal from IC Realtime Gives Security Dealers Access to AI-Powered Video Search Capabilities for Installations

Las Vegas, NV – ISC WEST 2018 – BOOTH 28091 – April 10, 2018 IC Realtime, a leader in digital surveillance and security technology announces today the launch of a new portal designed to give security dealers tools and setup guides to add the company’s video search engine, Ella, to any job. Launched at the beginning of the year, Ella is the industry’s first video search platform that uses deep learning and natural language processing to make every second of recorded surveillance video searchable via an easy to user interface. The Ella dealer portal empowers dealers deploying the Ella software with full management over Ella monthly plan creation, customer creation and enrollment, services offered, and customer payments.

Ella, offered to the security and surveillance industry through IC Realtime, uses both algorithmic and deep learning tools to give any surveillance or security camera the ability to recognize objects, colors, people, vehicles, animals and more. Through the Ella mobile or web app, users can search their entire library of recorded surveillance footage using natural language to find, review, and share desired video clips in seconds.

The need for search functionality in the video surveillance market is enormous; recognizing this, IC Realtime built Ella and the corresponding dealer portal with a single goal in mind – to make it as simple as possible for dealers and installers to create custom plans for the deployment of Ella that best fit the needs of their customers. The portal then allows dealers to enroll, onboard, and manage those customers from setup to payment of services provided.

“We know Ella is going to add much needed video search and advanced capabilities to surveillance projects for dealers across this industry and this portal was built to help them deploy the platform as easily as possible,” said Matt Sailor, CEO for IC Realtime. “Not only does Ella give dealers a powerful offering to upsell to new and existing customers but it also enables a direct route to RMR. We’ve looked at all the industry use cases for Ella and through the Ella portal, we’ve given the dealer full management over the plans they create, the services offered within those packages and customer payments.”

To empower dealers and enable them to offer custom plans for their customers, the Ella portal offers two methods for plan creation. To take the guess work out of plan creation, the Ella portal offers dealers pre-configured plans for residential, commercial, industrial or traffic installations that are based off real-world Ella installations that have been deployed and operated for an established period of time. Within the pre-configured plans, dealers can toggle between recommend plans for low or high activity situations. Through these four plans, IC Realtime has already done the math and complex calculations based on active Ella installations, however, to alter factors and offer more in-depth plans, the portal offers an advanced setup mode.

Via the portal’s advanced setup mode, dealers can create plans that fit the exact specifications of their customers installation by adjusting the values for the following:

  • Number of cameras
  • Video steam bitrate
  • Video history
  • Set values for the duration of time expected for real-time motion, optical character recognition (OCR), and advanced object labeling.

Based on customer needs, these values can be adjusted in real-time enabling plan customization that can then be submitted back to the customer for approval through the portal.

In addition to robust plan creation, the Ella portal offers dealers an intuitive interface to create and add customers including name, address, and contact information. Through the dashboard, dealers can tailor make plans specific to the customer they’re looking to onboard and has complete control over which plan is offered back to that customer for enrollment and subscription.

The Ella Dealer Portal is available now. For more information and a demonstration of the Ella video search platform and the dealer portal dashboard, visit IC Realtime at ISC West 2018 in booth 28091.

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