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New Futuresouce Event to Explore Entertainment Content Opportunities

Futuresource Consulting is launching a brand new event exploring the business opportunities with entertainment content. New Content Horizons, which takes place on the afternoon of Tuesday 2nd June 2015 in London, will bring together key industry influencers to discuss the content, services, and hardware players that are shaping the future landscape. Members of the press are invited to request pre show insights into the core themes to accommodate editorial calendars.

There are limited places at the preshow press lunch followed by the main conference and cocktail evening. The event will cover a number of important themes, including multiplatform rights, digital strategies, the role and threat of OTT, whats next for premium sports content; differentiation strategies for mobile operators; the relationship between hardware and content, 4K/8K will it be 3D all over again. It will also look at the increasing importance of social media to drive discovery and engagement.

All attendees at the event will get a free Google Cardboard to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and inexpensive way.

Google Cardboard

The broadcast keynote will be delivered by George Barrios, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officer, WWE. Other confirmed speakers include:

George Barrios, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officer, WWE
Finn Arnesson, SVP International Distribution, Hasbro Studios
Richard Burrell, Head of Business Development, QVC EMEA
Peter Hutton, CEO, Eurosport
Andy Quested, Head of HD and UHD BBC
Alex Chamberlen, Managing Partner, Omnigon
Andrew Whittaker, Managing Director, Kings Highway Media, former CEO, Glory Sports
Simon Gauntlett, CTO, Digital Television Group

It will also feature Futuresource Market Insight presentations, providing strategic analysis of the current landscape.

“Consumers have access to more content and more devices than ever before. Naturally this comes with a unique set of challenges, but it equally opens up a vast amount of opportunity for those content providers who embrace this new landscape,” commented David Sidebottom, Senior Market Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “At this event, we will hear from broadcasters who are doing just that and explore how content providers can best maximise the business opportunities available today and in the future.”

Industry delegates should contact:
Irene Chamberlain
Email: [email protected] Tel +44 1582 500101.
Or visit our website to book your place.

Futuresource Consulting is a specialist research and knowledge-based consulting company, providing organisations with insight into professional display technologies, consumer electronics, digital imaging, entertainment media, broadcast, storage media, education technology and IT. With a heritage stretching back to the 1980s, the company delivers in-depth analysis and forecasts on a global scale, advising on strategic positioning, market trends, competitive forces and technological developments.