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Introducing ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources

Lisbon, Portugal, November 12, 2020 — ADDAC System announces its new, long-awaited Eurorack module, ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources. Featuring multiple sections for a combined total of (8) independent trigger outputs, the module presents many clocking possibilities for users — both conventional and unconventional.

ADDAC403 — available in January for €350 — is capable of producing standard time signature musical notation, but it is also possible to generate syncopation, irregular tempo ratios and phasing all at once — all in a single, straightforward unit. The module features an extremely stable digital clock with over time drift compensation, adjustable to any BPM up to 1 decimal case (from 0.1 to 250.0 BPM). Also, there is a tap tempo button and pingable input for syncing to external clocks using either soft or hard sync modes.


In addition to comprehensive time signature and divider sections, a phasing section features a totally independent clock that can run in two modes: Tempo, running at a slower/faster BPM phasing in and out of tempo against the main clock; and Offset, which runs at the same BPM but offset and delayed against the main clock generating a steady syncopated beat.

Four modes allow different trigger and mute functionalities, which can run in a loop or in a ‘one shot’ mode. Among other features, a ‘Swing Delay’ section allows delaying one beat at certain beat intervals, and a dedicated delay knob defines the delay in a fraction of one beat — also allowing the generation of syncopated beats.

Each section of the the ADDAC403 features its own LED, and by default, the default display shows the current time signature status. By pressing the [SHOW/MENU] button, it will display each section setting in sequential order. All settings on the unit can be saved to a single memory slot, and upon startup the memory state will be automatically loaded. Further, all knobs and push buttons have their own dedicated CV/trigger inputs, except the [BPM] encoder and [SHOW/MENU] button.


Tech Specs

  • 16HP

  • 4cm deep
  • 140mA +12V
  • 40mA -12V


The ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources is shipping in January and costs €350. For more information, please visit the dedicated ADDAC System product page or download the user guide below.


About ADDAC System

ADDAC develops advanced instruments for sonic expression. The company started back in 2009 with an ambition to explore the potential crossover between analog synthesizers and computers. Because its first creations sparked a lot of attention, ADDAC decided to work hard and put them in customers’ hands. Today our product line is focused on a new breed of hybrid synths, that make use of the best of both the digital and analog worlds. We’ve grown to be able to reach thousands of enthusiastic clients, friends and collaborators. Always looking into conceptualizing and developing the most exquisite instruments, we hope you’re able to join and share this passion with us.

Our solutions can be found in many personal studio throughout the world, owned by musicians in several planes of stardom. We especially appreciate seeing them being used in a very wide range of musical genres.