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InFocus Announces Kangaroo Plus, the upgraded pocket-sized PC

Kangaroo Plus delivers two times the storage, memory and speed of the original Kangaroo in a portable form factor with customizable options.

PORTLAND, Ore. – February 2, 2016 – Visual collaboration pioneer InFocus Corporation ( today released Kangaroo Plus, a new, more powerful model of the original Kangaroo pocketable PC introduced last year. The Kangaroo Plus is an ultra-portable mobile desktop PC, shrunk to the size of a smartphone, which connects to a mouse, keyboard and monitor as a mobile desktop PC, or to an iPad for touch-enabled access to all desktop programs and files. Kangaroo Plus comes with double the storage and memory of the original Kangaroo for a total storage capacity of 64GB and 4GB RAM to deliver convenience and mobility with even more performance power.

Kangaroo Plus is a customizable PC for the tech enthusiast and it comes standard with an Intel Cherrytrail™ (Z8500) SOC, 64GB of onboard storage, 4GB of RAM, an internal battery providing up to four hours of use, and the Kangaroo Dock with HDMI and USB ports. Just like the original, Kangaroo Plus allows users to connect the Kangaroo Dock to existing screens and devices including PC monitors, big screen TVs and the iPad for easy, anytime access to their desktop and personal files. Kangaroo Plus also has a built-in fingerprint reader that Kangaroo users have come to rely on for quick and simple login access and ultimate security. With two-times the storage and memory, Kangaroo Plus is even more powerful, satisfying an even greater variety of requirements and applications.

Kangaroo Plus ships without an operating system, allowing users the freedom to install the OS of their choice, whether it’s Windows 10 Professional, Linux, or other OS that satisfies their particular requirement.

“We’ve received overwhelmingly positive response from the launch of Kangaroo a little more than three months ago. For our latest model, we have taken direct customer feedback and incorporated it into the Kangaroo Plus. Customers asked for more storage and memory packaged in the same tiny form factor and we are giving it to them. Customers have also asked to be able to customize and configure their own operating system and now that is possible as well,” said Lawrence Yen, director of Kangaroo product marketing.

“We’ve chosen to make Kangaroo Plus even more versatile to create a solution for any application,” added Yen. “Kangaroo Plus is an inexpensive and portable secondary PC for business, but is also being used as an entertainment streaming PC for movies, music and games, especially when paired with an XBox at home or with a hotel TV on the road. It’s being used as a starter-PC for kids or as the control PC for home automation systems. With the latest upgrades, Kangaroo Plus opens the door to even more applications and we are excited to hear about them all.”

Kangaroo Plus is available through today for $169.99 (USD).  The original Kangaroo will remain available for $99 (USD) through, Microsoft stores online and in select Microsoft stores. To learn more about Kangaroo, please visit