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IASCA Worldwide competition and rules recognized as China’s official rules for mobile audio installation and competition

Daytona Beach, Florida – After a number of high level meetings between the Chinese government, IASCA Asia President Samuel Tan and representatives of the China Auto Modification Accessories Association (CAMAA), Mr. Yu Xin and Ms. Guo Xi, the people’s Republic of China has endorsed IASCA China and IASCA Worldwide rules for competition as the only official sanctioning organization to be recognized by the country for setting the standards in mobile electronics equipment installation and competition.

The People’s Republic of China has created a Committee to oversee these standards. The Committee consists of Mr. Samuel Tan (President of IASCA Asia and IASCA Singapore) as Senior Officer of the Standing Committee, along with members of the Chinese Government and CAMAA who will oversee the implementation of these standards in installation and competition.

Mr. Tan has also received the President’s Award from the Chinese Government for his contributions to the mobile electronics industry in the country. “The President’s Award is one of the highest and most honorable awards presented by the People’s Republic of China” said Mr. Tan “I am honored to receive this award and look forward to continuing my mission with IASCA to promote car audio in the country.”

The Chinese Government, along with IASCA China and CAMAA, are organizing a series of IASCA sanctioned events in the country over the course of the 2015 year, culminating in a major event at the world’s largest exhibition hall in Shanghai in September 2015. The September event will also feature a 72 Hour Installation Challenge with installers from IASCA affiliated countries around the world. Each competing team will be supplied with the same vehicle and equipment; the challenge is to build a system in the vehicle with the supplied equipment that will be judged by IASCA Worldwide SQC (Sound Quality Challenge) and IQC (Installation Quality Challenge) rules and international Judges.

Additionally, an IASCA Worldwide Summit will be held at the September event, chaired by IASCA President Paul Papadeas, to discuss the state of the industry and how to move forward in today’s technology. On the agenda will be specific areas of opportunity for the Asian and global mobile electronics markets as well as opportunities to increase the quality of installations globally.

“For IASCA to be recognized as the only official standard of excellence in auto sound system evaluation by the Chinese Government and the CAMAA is truly rewarding.” said Paul Papadeas, President of IASCA Worldwide, “This milestone validates the mission that industry visionaries had established in 1988 for the global proliferation of the mobile electronics category. IASCA Worldwide continues its commitment to industry to raise the bar of proficiency in every mobile electronics professional”..

“The mobile electronics industry in China has continually grown in the last number of years and is becoming one of the stronger global markets for car audio” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide “The focus on IASCA sound and installation standards in the country have elevated the quality of work being performed by the country’s installers and is now recognized by the government as the global standard. We are proud to be the foundation for quality audio installations in the country and look forward to continued education for our industry.”

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