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How to Cover the Fragile Galaxy S8 Screen and Still Take Photos in an Instant

(London, UK)  June 1, 2017   The new Galaxy S8 is one of the most fragile devices ever created.  Screen protection is a must, but tempered glass no longer works. What’s the best option?

SquareTrade have given the Galaxy S8 a breakability rating of 76/100 and claim it was the only phone they’ve ever tested that broke on all sides with the first drop.  

If you’re an S8 owner, there’s a medium to high probability you’ll be facing a non-functioning phone and an eye watering repair bill if you happen to drop it in the street. So, what’s the best way to protect yourself?

Tempered glass protectors were traditionally the method of choice for shielding glossy new screens from destruction.  However, a recent spate of negative reviews from disappointed Amazon customers suggest these are no longer a reliable option.  More on this later.   

Flip covers and wallet style cases are a sensible alternative but many people have reservations about covering the screen completely. Particularly because of the extra time and hassle to open the case when receiving calls or taking photos.  However, one innovative UK company may have come up with a solution.

Matt Seal, managing director at Terrapin, has a five-year-old son who plays a lot of football.  He found he was often missing great photo opportunities at the games because of the time it took to open the clasp on his wallet case.  He began researching ways to solve the problem and came across a new magnetic fastener that was being used on wallets in Japan.

The magnet is strong enough to keep the case securely closed if dropped, but small enough to fasten on the side of the phone instead of the front. 

This seemingly minor innovation means the case simply flips open in the same way as a book cover. It’s the only wallet case on the market to feature this type of magnetic fastener and can be taken from pocket to photo shooting position in less than 1 second.

If you still prefer to accept the high risk of breakage and keep your screen completely exposed, then this style of case may not be for you.  An alternative, if you want some level of protection, would be to use a tempered glass protector despite the known downsides.

Matt is the first to admit that, although Terrapin still sell them, tempered glass protectors don’t work particularly well for the new curved edge phones.  The company makes it clear to customers that they offer only 90% coverage which results in a border that obscures the edge of the screen.  Some brands offer 100% coverage, but the tempered glass doesn’t fully adhere which means the sensitivity of the touch screen is affected.

It seems however, that consumers are becoming more pragmatic in their view that protecting themselves from a breakage is more important than showing the aesthetic of their phone.  As a result, Terrapin has seen an increase in the sale of its wallet cases in recent months.

The new magnetic clasp is available for the Galaxy S8 and is standing up well in the Amazon rankings.  Evidence in the reviews shows that not only are customers happy with the product but non-wallet users are also being converted.

“I don’t like wallet-style cases, but wanted something that offered front and back protection for the notoriously fragile S8. This works very well; it’s a great fit, very slim”

“Not a fan of flip cases, but pleasantly surprised!”

With a price tag of only £8.95, this intelligently designed case could be a very affordable and sensible way to help avoid the inevitable fate of your Galaxy S8 screen. 

It promises to give peace of mind without the frustration of missed photo opportunities.

The Galaxy S8 low profile case is available on the Terrapin website


Terrapin Accessories is a UK based company, founded in 2006, with the vision of delivering quality smartphone accessories at attainable prices.  Disillusioned with the quality of products available, the company began showcasing new manufacturing techniques and advancements in materials, while maintaining a focus on providing excellent value for money.

Since inception, the brand has sold over 6 million cases globally with a client satisfaction rate of over 98%. It has a loyal customer following and a strong reputation for providing high end quality and service.

The success of the Terrapin brand saw Activ8, its UK parent company, gain exposure in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100, as well as the Mobile News Manufacturer of the Year. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and sells in over 30 countries globally.