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FIBARO Announces New Walli Outlet Product Line at CES 2019

Las Vegas, NV – CES 2019, Sands Booth #40540 – January 7, 2019 – FIBARO, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, today announces the expansion of their smart home ecosystem with the introduction of the FIBARO Walli outlet product line. The new Walli product line represents an expansion for FIBARO and consists of several new product SKUs, several of which are smart home compatible and feature Z-Wave connectivity and a number of standard or ‘classic’ devices of which do not feature connectivity. The FIBARO Walli line will be represented by the following products at CES 2019:

FIBARO Walli devices with smart home intelligence and Z-Wave compatibility:

– Walli Dimmer

– Walli Roller Shutter

– Walli Switch

– Walli Controller

– Walli Outlets (Type E and Type F)

FIBARO Walli standard devices:

– Walli N TV-SAT Outlet

– Walli N Ethernet Outlet

– Walli N USB Outlet

– Walli N Outlet (Type E and Type F)

Featuring solutions for both smart home installations where connectivity and intelligence is required and standard in-home installation, the FIBARO Walli product line represents a top-to-bottom collection of solutions. While module-type products are ideal for adding smart home connectivity to retrofit non-intelligence devices, the new in-wall Walli line involves fewer wires that are clearly labeled making them faster and easier to install where in-wall devise did not exist before.

Designed for the smart home, the full line of intelligent FIBARO Walli devices can each be used to trigger scenes and automations within a smart home system. Additionally, all the connected FIBARO Walli smart devices feature an integrated LED ring which can be personalized to provide custom backlighting or programmed to change colors and visually represent the status of your system when used in conjunction with a smart home system. Because customers do not always have a switch where they need one most, the FIBARO Walli Controller is battery operated and does not need a wall box. Wherever customer need a sleek, modern switch to control or activate other connected devices, the FIBARO Walli Controller functions as an ideal scene controller.

The FIBARO Walli devices that features smart home intelligence feature Z-Wave 500 Series and are compatible with any certified Z-Wave smart home hub. This smart home connectivity benefits users in a number of ways. Customers can use the FIBARO Walli product line to remotely control connected electrical appliances, receive notifications on deviations in properly functioning equipment, set up parental controls to regulate when specific equipment is permitted to be in use, or monitor power consumption to make educated decisions on which devices receive power and potentially save money on their monthly energy bill.

To help customers achieve a uniform décor within their home, the face plates of the devices within the FIBARO Walli line can be swapped out to match the design of popular brands including Legrand, Schneider, and Gira. If smart home connectivity is not needed for every outlet installed within the home, the FIBARO Walli line provides solutions for both types of installations to give customers the opportunity to have all the hardware within their home match.

“The complete line of electrical equipment provided through the FIBARO Walli line allows users to create a complete smart home system in an environment of nearly any size,” said Dominik Jęchorek, head of FIBARO sales of USA & Canada. “The entire line has been designed to be simple to install and match the style of other FIBARO devices our customers love. Across the entire Walli line, we’re excited to provide in-wall devices that provide smart home connectivity or every day functionality where desired.”

The full FIBARO Walli product line will be on display at CES 2019 within the FIBARO Booth (#40540) within the Sands Convention Center. The FIBARO Walli product line will first be available in Europe and expand into additional markets later in 2019.

For more information about FIBARO please visit:

FIBARO is a global brand whose operations are based around the Internet of Things by providing solutions for building and home automation. In just a few years’ time, the FIBARO system manufactured by the company has spread throughout 6 continents; becoming one of the most advanced smart home systems in the world. FIBARO is a system that is entirely created and manufactured in Poland – both the company’s head office and manufacturing facility are based in Poland. FIBARO employs nearly 400 people. The FIBARO brand is a part of the Nice Group since July 2018. The company’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing modern solutions that facilitate a comfortable, friendly and safe home environment.