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Brandmotion Adds 1-Step Back-Up Cameras for Factory Display Radios

LAS VEGAS, November 4, 2014 (SDG MEDIAWIRE) –  Brandmotion, supplier of enhanced safety and convenience solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles, has released a new series of Rear Vision kits that add back-up cameras to factory displays on many new vehicles. The addition of kits to fit newer Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram brands solidifies the company’s position as a high-quality, single source for adding an integrated safety solution to the new class of larger in-vehicle displays.

Interfacing with factory display radios typically requires dealership intervention to “turn on” the input to allow the camera to work with the display. However, Brandmotion’s new series requires no programming at the dealership, saving time and cost for installer and customer.

“Back-up cameras are receiving a lot of attention in the media, and therefore our customers are getting significantly more requests to add them to vehicles with existing factory display radios,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “We felt it was vital to simplify the process as much as possible for our customers, so we took steps to eliminate the extra interaction.”

The harness in each of Brandmotion’s new kits includes a module that automatically interfaces with the vehicle’s data bus system to enable the video input. All the installer needs to do is plug in the system to initiate the process.

Models that include the “no programming” feature are Part Nos.  9002-7731 (Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge) and 9002-8731 (Ram). Both kits feature quality cameras that incorporate CMOS technology for viewing clarity in varying lighting conditions, as well as on-display park lines  that can be turned on or off during installation. The kits work with both the 5-inch and 8.4-inch radio displays, and switch automatically to the rear view when the vehicle is put into reverse gear. A Ford-compatible model that works with the 4-inch display in MyFord® radios is coming soon.

Brandmotion currently markets 17 camera kits that seamlessly integrate with factory display radios, covering late-model Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Subaru, in addition to brands under Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford.  Contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at