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Samsung Display Showcases Rollable OLED And Display With Integrated Health-Sensor

Samsung aims to “turn a difficult-to-carry large-sized display into a portable form factor"

(image credit: Samsung)

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Sound & Video Contractor.

Currently being shown off at the Display Week show in Los Angeles, the Rollable Flex is Samsung Display’s latest demo of a rollable OLED display. The display, which can unroll to over five times its initial length, is being shown alongside another OLED display with an integrated fingerprint scanner and blood pressure sensor.

While details like resolution and final dimensions are not yet available, the Rollable Flex can unroll from its minimum length of 49mm all the way to 254.4mm. Samsung says the display’s goal is to “turn a difficult-to-carry large-sized display into a portable form factor.”

(image credit: Samsung)

The Sensor OLED display can scan a fingerprint or read a user’s blood pressure without the need for a second module. Samsung claims the display can “recognize fingerprints anywhere on the screen.” The company says that a user’s “heart rate, blood pressure, and stress level” can be read via the OLED display tracking light and reflection levels as “contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels inside the finger” occur.

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