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ARRIS Introduces the Future of Wi-Fi®: SURFboard® Home Networking with RipCurrent™ Technology

SUWANEE, Ga. — ARRIS International plc (NASDAQ: ARRS) today introduced its SURFboard® family of home networking devices with RipCurrent™ technology —designed to eliminate all the frustrations that have plagued your wireless Internet for years.

The new system of routers and extenders helps to finally solve the common and persistent problem of Wi-Fi dead zones. It uses a unique combination of next-generation networking technology and intelligent software to tailor your Wi-Fi to your exact needs. Its simple, plug-and-play installation and iOS and Android apps get you set up and ready to go in just a few minutes. And it gives you a new level of control over your network’s security, accessibility, and settings—as it helps you cover every corner of every room with lightning-fast, gigabit Wi-Fi.

The RipCurrent-enabled family of routers and extenders is the future of Wi-Fi, built on next-generation Gigabit Home Networking ( Power Line Communications technology. The portfolio completely rethinks the concept of traditional home networking—creating a smarter network from the ground up by using your home’s existing wiring to create new hotspots, connect high-bandwidth devices, and relieve congestion on the wireless band. By using wires to build a better Wi-Fi network, the RipCurrent-enabled portfolio drastically improves wireless router performance, helps to completely eliminate dead zones, and puts bandwidth hogs in their place.

The new family of routers and extenders lets you connect, watch, browse, stream, download, and play what you want, when and where you want, as much as you want. Start with one of the top-of-the-line 802.11ac RipCurrent-enabled routers and get some of the fastest wireless speeds available today. Then, extend your network into the furthest reaches of your home, using RipCurrent-enabled extenders to light up new Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere there’s a power outlet. ARRIS’s flexible, modular system ensures that you won’t need to upgrade your gear for years—just add new extenders as your devices, family, home, or needs grow.

Here are a few reasons why the ARRIS SURFBoard portfolio with RipCurrent technology will transform your Wi-Fi experience once and for all:

  • No more dead zones (really!): The RipCurrent-enabled system provides true whole-home networking. ARRIS’s routers get your Internet and content anywhere in your home, by relaying data over your existing electrical lines to one or more of its extenders, using next-generation technology.
  • Eliminate bandwidth hogs: Move bandwidth-hogging devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming video players to ultrafast wired connections to free up your Wi-Fi network for wireless-only devices and applications.
  • Easily set it and forget it: Connect the router to the modem, press two buttons to pair, then simply plug extenders into spare power outlets, and you’re ready to go. The system’s smart auto-configuration software automatically gives your new hotspots the same name, password, and security settings as your router, so all of your Wi-Fi devices can move seamlessly from one part of your network to another.
  • Buy well, buy once: The ARRIS RipCurrent-enabled system is flexible and grows with your needs, letting you add greater range and bandwidth through additional extenders, when you’re ready.
  • Customize your network via app: Scan the QR code from your smartphone or tablet and automatically connect to your network. You can also control your Wi-Fi settings and parental controls. Just download the free ARRIS SURFboard Manager app—available on the iOS and Android app stores – to get set up in minutes.

“Our vision with RipCurrent technology is to give you the Wi-Fi you’ve always wanted—a super-fast connection that’s available anywhere in the house, sets up quickly, and works every time,” said Bob Swanson, Vice President, Retail Sales, ARRIS. “The reality is that everyone’s home is different, making it hard for any one router to provide a fast connection in every corner of every house. RipCurrent technology is the solution: just start with one of our leading routers and add extenders where you need them. Our intelligent software and app takes care of the rest—so now you get streaming video that doesn’t buffer, games that don’t lag, a home free of dead zones, and Wi-Fi that just works.”

Pricing and Availability 
ARRIS RipCurrent-enabled devices are available now on Amazon for pre-order:

RipCurrent-enabled Routers

RipCurrent-enabled Extenders

ARRIS RipCurrent-enabled devices are also available in the ARRIS Store

About ARRIS SURFboard® 
ARRIS SURFboard products are your “gateway” to entertainment. They let you enjoy the latest entertainment, the world’s fastest speeds, and the coolest new services throughout your home, and beyond. And they’re available at your favorite retail store. For more information, visit

About ARRIS 
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