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Andover Audio Introduces SpinDeck MAX

Andover Audio introduces SpinDeck MAX automatic turntable, offering the ideal balance between performance and convenience.

Andover announces the latest addition to its Spin Collection: the SpinDeck MAX automatic turntable ($599). Featuring high-quality materials and precision-engineered parts, SpinDeck MAX is the perfect companion to the SpinBase Turntable Speaker System or any audio system, striking an ideal balance between performance and convenience.

With its fully automatic operation, flick the start/stop switch, and let SpinDeck MAX do the rest. The tonearm will automatically lift from its rest position and start playing at the beginning of the record; at the end, it will lift up automatically and return to rest again. The design also easily allows the user to change turntable speeds or raise the tonearm with damped action.

The highly respected Ortofon OM10 cartridge features an elliptical stylus and light 1.5g tracking force. The cartridge comes pre-mounted with all tonearm settings pre-set for optimum performance.

The belt drive system is based around a rubber-isolated, low-vibration DC motor with internal electronic servo regulation for accurate speed and inaudibly low Wow and Flutter.

The machined aluminum platter and tonearm are isolated from its dense MDF plinth by elastomeric cones to absorb vibration and to assure stable playback, even on unstable surfaces.

The main chassis of the turntable is made from engineered particle board, which is sturdy yet lightweight. An ultra-quiet synchronous motor with a silicone belt is housed underneath the chassis that drives a low-resonance platter made from MDF.

SpinDeck MAX is now shipping and is available in either black or white finish to seamlessly integrate with Andover’s Spin Collection and to match with other audio equipment. Pre-amp required for use with external components. Purchase directly on and at participating dealers.

Andover Audio SpinDeck MAX