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Alpine Electronics Launches the Alpine Club Restyle Program

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. has announced the launch of Alpine Club Restyle, a new retailer program to support the company’s line of X009 9-inch Restyle dash systems.  

Alpine Club Restyle serves to educate authorized Alpine retailers in the U.S. about the X009 Restyle dash systems and reward them for their sales success.  The program makes use of the multiple sales and installation videos made by Alpine to educate retail sales staff and installers about the various features of each X009 system.  There is a sales video and an installation video for each of the seven vehicle specific X009 systems.  Each sales video depicts a retail scenario related to the featured X009 model, while the corresponding installation video explains installation instructions specific to that X009 model.

To become an Alpine Club Restyle member, a salesperson or installer needs to watch all seven videos in their applicable tract (sales or installation), then pass the corresponding online test.  Once they sell or install one X009 Restyle dash system from this point, they become a Tier 1 member of Alpine Club Restyle.  Tier 1 members receive a membership package featuring an Alpine Club Restyle shirt, hat and certificate confirming their product expertise.  Members are also rewarded when they reach certain milestones.  Members who sell or install three systems are considered Tier 2 status and receive an Alpine Club Restyle jacket.  To reach Tier 3 status, members must sell or install five systems, and they will receive a pair of Alpine headphones.  A dedicated website – – houses all of the videos and online tests.  

In addition to the gifts available at each tier level, members who sell or install X009 Restyle dash system(s) during select promotional periods will also receive $50 for each qualifying unit.  The inaugural promotional period began on May 15, 2015 and ends on July 14, 2015.  As a special bonus, the top ten members identified at the end of the current promotional period will receive an all expenses paid trip to Alpine’s Restyle Summit, which will be held in August in Dallas, TX.  

“The Alpine Restyle business model is designed to reach truck, SUV and Jeep consumers with a product they cannot get as a factory option, and then send them to our independent retail specialists for professional installation.  Alpine Club Restyle is a fun way to prepare these retailers to become experts on this unique product line,” said Steve Crawford, vice president and general manager, aftermarket business unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.  

The X009 Restyle dash systems come with the X009, a multi-function unit with audio, video, navigation and Bluetooth® wireless technology controlled through the distinctive 9-inch touch screen.  The systems are packaged with a vehicle specific dash kit that features back-lit hard keys which replace the factory radio knobs and an iDatalink Maestro module to retain factory features.  There are seven vehicle specific Restyle dash systems which are compatible with the Jeep Wrangler, select GM trucks/SUVs, select Ford F-150s, Ram trucks and Toyota Tundra.  The eighth model is a universal fit version for custom installations.

Authorized Alpine retailers are encouraged to contact their Alpine sales representative for further details about the Alpine Club Restyle program.