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Airzone Announces Lutron Integration for Luxury Residential Applications

New integration enables zoned or single zone Inverter / VRF HVAC control through Lutron interfaces.

Miami, FL – July 13, 2023 – Airzone, provider of intelligent and innovative HVAC control solutions, today announces a new integration with Lutron, the global leader in lighting and shading control solutions. This integration enables precise temperature control and category-leading HVAC energy efficiency via Lutron’s Homeworks home automation system.

Innovation in Energy and Elegance

Airzone specializes in smart HVAC system control. Over the past 25 years, Airzone has built an exclusive library of certified protocols for leading Inverter, ductless, mini-split, multi-split, and VRF manufacturers. Their products enable two-way control of modern HVAC systems, enabling temperature set point precision that is otherwise impossible – as well as system energy savings of up to 60 percent. Lutron luxury integrators can now offer their Homeworks customers these features via an integration using QSX processors.

“We are proud to work with Lutron as fellow pioneers in home automation,” said Antonio Mediato, CEO of Airzone. “We share a commitment to providing users with the ultimate in comfort and control, while also supporting efficiency.”

Historically, integration between the HVAC sector and automation systems has lagged due to widespread compatibility issues. With this integration, strides are being made to alter that narrative. Lutron customers can now seamlessly control the HVAC of their Inverter / VRF and ductless units with as much precision and ease as they control lighting and shading.

Streamlined Environmental Control

Lighting control and HVAC are two of the most important environmental systems in any building with respect to energy consumption and homeowner experience. Sales of Inverter / VRF systems are forecast to grow by over 13 percent per year over the next seven years according to research from Infineon, spurred on by federal and local energy efficiency rebates. This new integration with Airzone will allow Lutron customers to precisely control an Inverter / VRF HVAC system from any available trigger in the Lutron system including keypad buttons, schedules, Palladiom thermostats, and the Lutron App.

“Lutron strives to deliver an elevated experience for our homeowners through elegant, precise control of the most critical environmental aspects of a residence, including lighting and temperature,” says Ben Bard, Vice-President at Lutron. “Integrating with Airzone unifies control of lighting and temperature – the two most important systems for comfort in any environment -and offers the potential for substantial energy savings.”

Single-zone units or Zoned Control

To control a single-zone unit, Airzone integrates with the Lutron Palladiom Thermostat via the Aidoo Pro. This easy-to-install device enables two-way communication between the Inverter / VRF unit and the Lutron thermostat, controlling:

  • Temperature set point
  • Operation mode
  • Fan speed
  • Unit on/off

For multi-zone applications, the integration takes place between the Airzone webserver HUB and the Homeworks QSX Processor, enabling features such as:

  • Centralized configuration and control of zone parameters
  • Control of up to 32 separate Airzone HVAC control systems
  • Seamless control of combined radiant and air heating / cooling stages
  • Remote error and warning detection of the HVAC unit

With Airzone, Lutron dealers can offer their customers unparalleled comfort and efficiency. The Airzone solution is now available in the latest Lutron Designer Software.

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About Airzone Control

Airzone is an industry-leading manufacturer of dynamic HVAC control and zoning solutions for residential and light commercial environments. With over 25 years of experience leading the HVAC zoning and control industry in Europe, Airzone’s mission is to create innovative and category-defining solutions that deliver simplified control, savings, and streamlined service. Airzone’s foundational values of diligence, reliability, and service leads to a culture of tireless innovation and impeccable performance. For more information, visit

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