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Airzone Announces Crestron Home API Integration

New driver offers advanced control of Inverter/VRF HVAC units via Crestron Home with no custom coding required

(image credit: Airzone)

Airzone Control has announced its new HVAC control solution – API integration with Crestron, a global leader in home automation. This new driver allows Crestron Home OS and Airzone control devices to connect quickly and easily, without the need for custom programming, additional wiring, or a WAN connection.

“In the past, integrators have integrated HVAC units, Airzone, and home automation systems through wired BACnet networks. We continue to support this approach across our product portfolio,” said Antonio Mediato, CEO of Airzone. “Now, however, Crestron integrators have another option. Using this new driver, they can quickly add the most sophisticated HVAC control possible to any Crestron Home user interface.”

Crestron leads the market in solutions that allow homeowners to centrally manage all their technology systems, creating more comfortable, user-friendly, and sustainable environments. Precise HVAC control is essential to those goals, but the most advanced and efficient HVAC systems cannot communicate directly with smart home control or other IoT systems. Airzone bridges this gap: Using an exclusive library of certified protocols for inverter, ductless, mini-split, multi-split, and VRF HVAC units, Airzone devices enable full control of inverter/VRF units.

The new Airzone driver, developed by certified Crestron programmers Code Source Consulting, is a RESTful API. This driver works with either Aidoo Pro for individual units or Webserver HUB for zoned control of multiple units. With a few clicks — and no custom coding — integrators can configure HVAC control for an entire home, discreet zones, or even individual rooms. The driver also offers zone error monitoring, allowing integrators to quickly identify and troubleshoot any system issues.

Sustainability without Sacrifice

By enabling advanced two-way communication between HVAC and smart home systems, Airzone products can reduce HVAC energy consumption by up to 60 percent while maintaining superior temperature set point accuracy throughout the home. HVAC control is seamlessly integrated into the Creston Home OS dashboard: Users can adjust operation mode, temperature set point, fan speed, or unit on/off status from any Crestron Home platform interface, including the app.

“Sustainable living is a deeply held value for many Crestron Home customers,” said Jason Oster, product management, residential solutions at Crestron Electronics. “With this new Airzone driver, integrators can better align clients’ whole homes with their sustainability goals, while preserving the Crestron Home platform’s signature ease of use and peace of mind.”

The Airzone driver integrates with Creston Home OS v3.012.0137 and above, and the Crestron Home App v1.20.

For more information, visit, or speak with Airzone experts in person at CEDIA Expo 2023, booth 4108.

About Airzone Control
Airzone is an industry-leading manufacturer of dynamic HVAC control and zoning solutions for residential and light commercial environments. With over 25 years of experience leading the HVAC zoning and control industry in Europe, Airzone’s mission is to create innovative and category-defining solutions that deliver simplified control, savings, and streamlined service. Airzone’s foundational values of diligence, reliability, and service lead to a culture of tireless innovation and impeccable performance.

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