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TWICE/Campaigners Poll Shows Shoppers Choose Brand Over Price

New York — Despite the CE industry’s penchant for promotions, consumers say brand names are more important than price when purchasing electronics.

According to an in-store survey of holiday shoppers conducted exclusively for TWICE by Campaigners, an El Segundo, Calif.-based field sales and marketing agency, 44 percent of consumers consider brand reputation to be the most important factor when making a major CE purchase. Price was the secondary consideration, cited by 36 percent of those polled.

TWICE’s first-ever consumer survey with Campaigners was conducted within major national CE specialty stores across the country during Thanksgiving week. Shoppers were asked to cite “the most important factor when making a major consumer electronics purchase.” The results are based on 245 responses.

After brand and price, “quality and performance” were the next most frequently mentioned purchase influences, followed by “a combination of both brand and price,” and “warranties and product support.”

Shoppers’ individual comments included:

  • “Style! I am specifically looking for a slim-style, pocket-sized camera. The brand doesn’t really matter as much as long as I can find the right style.”
  • “Ease of use is what I look for the most when I’m buying electronics.”
  • “We shop for features and benefits — we want to feel that we have benefited from the purchase, and have not been taken advantage of.”
  • “I consider the sales staff’s thoughts on the product, and how it looked and worked in the store at the time of purchase.”
  • “I don’t just consider price — I look at whether or not the product will perform up to expectations.”

Campaigners is a full-service field sales and marketing agency that has created hundreds of campaigns for clients including Dyson, Fujifilm, JVC, LG, Lexmark, Motorola, Roxio and Vonage. The firm was founded in 1997 by former Hewlett-Packard marketer Melissa Orr, and has since driven more than $3 billion in retail sales through its in-store sales training, market intelligence, merchandising, special events and mystery shop services. Campaigners conducts its field work with educated, highly trained and incentivized “Delegates” who create a seamless extension of clients’ own sales and marketing teams, the company said. For more information, visit