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Sears Hugs Amazon Closer

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Amazon Going To A Go-Go Again

Amazon opened its second Amazon Go store this week, with the new cashless, sensor-based brick-and-mortar store situated in Seattle like the first one.

TWICE Take: Although the retailer again went with its HQ city for the location, it tweaked the offering a bit. This Go loses the liquor aisle and kitchen and relies more upon non-perishables. The company said it expects consumers at this location to consist greatly of office workers, and has altered its product mix accordingly.

See the full story on The Seattle Times.

This Is The First Amazon Job Listing

Business Insider posted Jeff Bezos’ very first job listing, thanks an unearthing by Bloomberg’s Jeff Erlichman.

TWICE Take: Although it’s well-documented that Shel Kaphan was the first employee Bezos hired as Amazon CEO, there’s no word on who eventually landed this first development job (or whether they could indeed do things “in about one-third the time that most competent people think possible”).

See the full story on Business Insider. 

Sears Hugs Amazon Closer

Amazon is expanding its partnership with Sears in which consumers can purchase replacement vehicle tires on its site and have them installed at Sears Auto Centers. First announced last year, the availability is extending from 47 Sears Auto Centers in eight areas to across the United States.

TWICE Take: Shares of Sears stock jumped this morning with the news, providing welcome relief for the embattled retailer. Sears also partners with Amazon for sales of its Kenmore-branded major appliances.

See the full story on Bloomberg.

Be Different

A column from the CEO of Reverb, the e-commerce site for buying and selling music gear, offers some tips for small-business owners for the upcoming holiday selling season.

TWICE Take: Perhaps most timely advice for tech retail is David Kalt’s advice for a business to embrace its niche and offer a more tailored, service-oriented experience.

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