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Target Testing Beacons In 50 Stores

Minneapolis — Target is trialing wireless beacons in 50 test stores as an aid to brick-and-mortar shoppers.

The technology, long in use at retail, uses small Bluetooth transmitters to send location-based information to customers’ mobile devices.

In Target’s case, shoppers in pilot stores in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle can receive up to two “pop-up” alerts on their phones when they opt in via the discounter’s shopping app.

The alerts include coupon offers and product recommendations based on the customer’s location on the sales floor.

Future features will allow shopping lists to be dynamically re-sorted as customers move through the store, or to summon a sales associate through the app.

“We’re excited to start using beacon technology to offer real-time, relevant content and services that can help make shopping at Target easier and more fun,” said Jason Goldberger, president of and mobile. “This is another way Target is bridging mobile and stores, and using digital to enhance the in-store shopping experience. We look forward to seeing how our guests respond to what we’ve built.”

So far the service is only available on Apple devices, although Target will be bringing it to Android, and additional stores, later this year.