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Systemax Selling Guaranteed Buyback

SYX Services, an affiliate of direct-sale PC vendor Systemax, has begun offering TechForward’s Guaranteed Buyback plans through its TigerDirect and CompUSA retail outlets.

Guaranteed Buyback plans lock in trade-in values for consumer electronics at the point of sale for up to two years in the future, which makes upgrading to a new device more affordable down the road.

When customers are ready to upgrade, TechForward makes returning their current devices easy by providing free boxes, shipping labels and packing materials. Customers can then use the guaranteed amount of the TigerDirect or Comp-USA store credit they receive toward the purchase of a new device, and TechForward ensures all returned units are reused or recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner.

“Guaranteed Buyback plans help our customers buy with the confidence that they can get a guaranteed value out of their device easily when something new comes out,” said Gilbert Fiorentino, president of SYX Services, which provides management services for TigerDirect and CompUSA. “TechForward’s innovative business model addresses one of the biggest questions on our customers’ minds — how to keep up to date with the latest and greatest electronics affordably and responsibly.”

Jade Van Doren, CEO of TechForward, said the agreement with Systemax represents “the beginning of a new era for TechForward and the consumer electronics industry. Electronics retailers are realizing that a growing group of consumers want to stay up-to-date with the latest … devices, and that TechForward can help.”