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SHARP Home Electronics Company of America Enters Business Relationship With BrandSource

North American BrandSource retailers to have access to Sharp home appliances

Starting this fall, BrandSource member stores will have the option to begin offering Sharp Home Electronics Company of America’s (SHCA) line of kitchen appliances, including Sharp’s patented built-in Microwave Drawer Ovens, Countertop and Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens.

“As a leader in cooking innovation, joining forces with Sharp makes perfect sense,” said Jim Ristow, CEO of AVB|BrandSource in a statement. “Their products represent simple-to-use options that support one’s choice to live a healthier lifestyle, and we are thrilled that Sharp has chosen to offer them to our members.”

James Sanduski, President of Sharp Home Electronics Company of America is also enthusiastic about the partnership. “We look forward to building a valuable and long-lasting relationship with the BrandSource member community and expanding the availability of our full built-in kitchen suite of appliances across the United States,” he said in a recent statement following the agreement signing.

Building off of the brand’s 50+ years of cooking heritage, Sharp recently announced the introduction of its first, full built-in kitchen suite, in addition to its existing product lines. These appliances – including Sharp’s first refrigerator and dishwasher – will be offered to BrandSource members as an opportunity to expand their kitchen product offerings and deliver leading design and innovative technology directly to its customers.

Additionally, SHCA’s SuperSteam+, 3-in-1 Oven, Induction Cooktops, as well as European Convection Wall Ovens are also part of the line of available appliances.

“Sharp’s business relationship with BrandSource represents an advantageous opportunity to further our reach into local communities and build long-lasting customer relationships, bringing us closer to fulfilling our commitment to Simply Better Living,” said Peter Weedfald, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America in a statement.

BrandSource members operate in more than 4,500 locally-owned appliance, electronics, bedding, home furnishing and floor covering stores across the United States and Canada.

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