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Sears To TWICE: Kmart’s A Key Asset

Sears Holdings has taken strong exception to a TWICE article, based on a published report, which questioned whether Kmart is in the process of closing.

According to Sears Holdings spokesman Chris Brathwaite, it simply ain’t happening. Here’s what the media relations and corporate communications VP had to say:

“We strongly disagree with the conclusions being drawn in the article. The article ignores the work that’s been done in the last 12 months at Kmart to relaunch the brand, bring back the Bluelight specials and make shopping fun again. Kmart even hosted its first-ever cross-format preview event featuring the new 2016 summer and fall collection in NYC in May.

“And worse, it doesn’t give any credit to the tens of thousands of men and women who are working so hard to keep our strong stores strong and get our underperforming stores headed in the right direction.

“In addition, Sears Holdings is highly focused on restoring profitability to the company, and Kmart remains a key piece of our asset portfolio.

“That said, we continue to evaluate and optimize our cost structure with a focus around store-level marketing expenditures and staffing levels, and improved inventory management. We are currently rolling out a phased project to refine our inventory replenishment process whereby deliveries are directed to Kmart store shelves instead of the stock rooms.

“The goal is for our stores to operate more efficiently, deliver improved customer service by enabling our associates to spend more time on the sales floor assisting members and customers, and to drive increased margins.

“We are already receiving positive feedback from our associates on the changes (e.g., such as their job is now more simple and enjoyable), and we will continue to educate them on the strategy.

“Beyond that, we don’t comment on rumor or speculation.”