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Mega Group Staffs Up

Mega Group USA, the 1,700-member buying organization for independent furniture, CE, appliance and mattress dealers, has added five new positions to support the group’s growth.

“We are pleased to see the bedding and furniture industry growing, and [to] add both retail and wholesale expertise to the mix,” said Mega president Rick Bellows. “It is now more important than ever to support independent retailers with programs and services to help a business owner thrive.”

The new appointees and their posts include:

*Serta vet Chad Fischer, mattress division general manager;

*former RadioShack store owner, district sales manager and buying group organizer Frank Beer, Midwest regional manager;

 *Nebraska Furniture Mart vet Todd O’Neil, Northeast regional manager;

*former top Serta sales rep Robert Kersting, regional manager, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado; and 

*Ken Simons, mid-Atlantic regional manager.