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LG’s 77-inch ‘Wallpaper’ OLED To Hang At Video & Audio Center Today

LG’s widely lauded 77-inch W-series Signature OLED TV, which was a CES standout in January, will finally wend its way to retail today.

The TWICE Picks Award winner was dubbed the first “wallpaper TV” for its fifth-of-an-inch thickness and ultra-slim mounting brackets and magnets, creating what Rick Calacci, home entertainment sales senior VP at LG Electronics USA, described as “picture-on-glass, picture-on-wall.”

To mark its retail channel debut, LG has returned to Video & Audio Center (VAC), a popular launchpad for flagship introductions — including LG’s first 4K Ultra HD OLED, which premiered at the Los Angeles chain in 2014.

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More recently, Sony selected VAC for the kickoff of its top-of-the-line OLED A1E Bravia TV in April.

This go ’round, VAC will stage simultaneous launch events at each of its four stores, and will have inventory on hand for immediate delivery.

The set, model 77W7, retails for $19,999 and will go on sale today at noon Pacific Time.

The launch follows the rollout three months ago of the W7’s smaller 65-inch brother, which sells nationwide in Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Centers and regionally through select A/V specialty dealers. Both models offer 4K Ultra HD resolution; support for all major HDR formats; and virtually bezel-less, picture-on-wall design.

Calacci went back to VAC with the 77-incher for “the great job they do” explaining and selling technology, he told TWICE, and for the retailer’s status as “a mecca of Hollywood and studio producers.”

To help stir the pot, VAC corporate director Tom Campbell has flooded the local market with print and radio ads, as “today’s consumer has become the early adopter — if the technology is meaningful.”

And if the price is right. “The only reason not to buy the wallpaper OLED is the aspirational price,” Campbell told TWICE. In which case VAC’s assisted sales floor can steer customers toward the nine other LG OLED SKUs it carries.

“With the breadth of the line, consumers can experience the perfect blacks and eye-popping color of LG OLED 4K TV for under $3,000,” he said.

LG began shipping the 77-inch wallpaper sets this month to specialty dealers and custom installers who have received special authorization to carry the line, Calacci said, and will continue the rollout over the next 35-45 days.