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Kirschman’s Joins MARTA Co-op

Kirschman’s, a five-store appliance, electronics and furniture dealer based in New Orleans, has rejoined MARTA Cooperative of America.

According to a prepared statement by MARTA’s managing director William Bursley, the Louisiana-based $60 million retailer had been a MARTA member until joining Nationwide as a core member in their brand-builder division four years ago.

“Kirschman’s decision to return to MARTA and take advantage of our strategic alliance with Brand Source puts an exclamation point on our operating model of reducing costs while adding more service and ultimately more value,” Bursley said.

In the same statement issued by MARTA, Joe Clavijo, Kirschman’s appliance and electronics VP, was impressed with the changes within the MARTA group. “MARTA pricing was overall as good or better than Nationwide’s Brand Builder pricing. The additional services now available to MARTA members are very strong and will build additional value for Kirschmans. MARTA’s open-book policy along with the lower membership costs, also weighed in our decision.”