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Healthcare Program Added For Azione Unlimited Members

Lifestyle Health Plans offers 16 different standard options

In an effort to support its members and provide deeper healthcare solutions, Azione Unlimited recently announced it has partnered with Lifestyle Health Plans.

“Healthcare benefits are probably one of the top five concerns of any business owner today, maybe even higher,” said Les Perlson of Lifestyle Health Plans in a statement. “Costly premiums, complex language, and an evolving fully-insured marketplace continue to create one of the biggest impacts for small to medium-sized employers… Our program is a vehicle that can effectively address population health management along with cost management to give more comprehensive results to Azione Unlimited.”

“Azione Unlimited is very excited to support our members with a new comprehensive healthcare plan from Lifestyle Health Plans,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited in a statement. “Not only does it show our commitment to elevating our support to the group, but it also provides a turn-key solution for members struggling to navigate the healthcare industry. It’s simply about providing confident solutions so our members can continue to grow.”

Founded in 2006, Lifestyle Health Plans currently offers 16 different standard plan options grouped into four plan designs. This structure allows members to custom-tailor plans to their individual needs, making it flexible and more cost effective. This also makes it possible to to add dental, vision, worksite, life, and supplemental coverage directly into plans.

A no-additional-cost integrated wellness program using deductible credits, credit ‘matching’ programs, and cash-reward “Bonus Bucks” is also part of the health care packages.

“Having health insurance is no longer an option, they are table-stakes that every one of or members should be able to offer,” Glikes said. “Our partnership gives our members a huge advantage because they no longer have to shop around and can immediately reap the savings benefits of a group program. It’s a crucial next step in becoming a full-suite solution for our members.”

Azione Unlimited, a consortium of like-minded custom installers, home technology professionals, and vendors, provides its members with training, product discounts, educational meetings, marketing tools and more. The group is headquartered in Chester Springs, PA. with 207 members in the U.S.

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