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An “End-To End Solution”?

In illustrating the way the Internet will become an even more obtrusive presence in everyday life during the near future, GERS User Conference keynote speaker Chuck Martin carefully provided this very possible scenario.

“Today, with your groceries can be ordered using the web and delivered the next day. Chips becoming disposable, they are going to be put into packaged goods. So in the near future, all milk cartons will be embedded with one of those chips. Let’s say your refrigerator has web access, like the one Frigidaire demonstrated earlier this year. The milk carton transmits to through the web access in your refrigerator that you need milk. You’ll never shop for it again.”

Martin then explained a technology that Matsushita recently demonstrated in Japan. It is a toilet, with web access, that can “analyze your ‘output’ and report to your doctor any health concerns.” He noted, “If you think that privacy on the web is an issue now, what are the implications if you are a customer that also buys Matsushita’s toilet? Some would call it an end-to-end solution!” — Steve Smith