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Phoenix Marketing Group/AHA Distributing Opens Training Experience Center

5,000 Sq. Ft. facility welcomes integrators and their clients, builders and designers

Colorbeam training at the new Phoenix Center.

Providing a huge boost for integrators, Phoenix Marketing Group and Catalyst AV member AHA Distributing, has announced a new 5,000 sq.ft. Training Experience Center at its Marietta, Georgia location.

“We can easily accommodate 35 people in the training room and over 100 people in the experience center,” said Mark Garijanian, Phoenix Marketing. “Since kicking off in the summer, we’ve had many manufacturers training sessions here: Garden Light LED, Lutek Shading Systems, AVPro Edge and Colorbeam. It’s been wonderful to see so many faces eager to learn in a live setting again!”

5,000 sq ft. Phoenix Marketing Experience Center.

“Our goal at Phoenix Marketing is to provide the utmost support and service to our integrator friends,” he continued. “This space allows them to learn about the new technologies our manufacturers offer as well as experience it first hand. We wanted the space to be open for our integrators to bring their clients, builders and designers to help their businesses thrive! We have created a fun and inviting atmosphere to accomplish this…Team PHX is the Next Gen Rep Firm!”

The Training Experience Center is located at 2197 Canton Road, Suite 202, Marietta, GA 30066. Contact Mark Garijanian for further details at [email protected] or 770-639-7716

About Catalyst AV
Founded in 2012, Catalyst AV is a network of 10 independent consumer electronics distributors serving the residential and professional AV channels in the U.S via its 20 locations. Catalyst AV grants manufacturers a consistent and cohesive nationwide distribution model to more than 11,000 professional integration specialists. Catalyst AV benefits integrators by delivering all the products and support necessary to execute the demands of job specifications with confidence.

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