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Aegis Distribution Partners With Eton Audio

ADi confirms agreement with Eton Audio to become the exclusive distributor of Eton car audio products within the United States

Aegis Distribution Incorporated (ADi) announced the arrival of an agreement with Eton Car-Audio GmbH of Neu-Ulm, Germany to be the exclusive distributor of Eton car audio loudspeakers and amplifiers in the USA.

“We have been fans of the Eton products since the ’90s, but they’ve been hard to get in the US,” said Scott Welch, President of ADi in a statement. “We consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to change that. Eton produces a wide range of top-performing speakers from their middle ranges to their esoteric audiophile separates. In addition to speakers, Eton has developed some remarkable compact amplifiers that are both great sounding and bulletproof, making them ideal for the ride-it-like-you-stole-it American consumer.”

Eton Audio, founded in 1983, has long been known for its quality “Made in Germany” car audio products. Their manufacturing standards, combined with over 40 years of loudspeaker development, make for top-tier products that you can both see and hear.

“Not only do we get a great lineup out of the gate with Eton,” added Welch. “But they have products coming during the year that will take both the esoteric speaker category and DSP/Amplifiers up to a new level. So it’s going to be an exciting 2023 for us.”

ADi, headquartered in Vacaville, California, was formed in 2022 by a group of manufacturers and investors with the goal of bringing high-end car audio products to the Americas, tailored and fine-tuned to fit the unique needs of these regions.

For more information or dealer inquiries, contact ADi at or by phone at 707.446.6749.

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