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Aegis Distribution To Be Sole Distributor For Dynaudio In US And Canada

ADi confirms agreement with Dynaudio to become the exclusive distributor of Dynaudio Car products within the United States and Canada

Aegis Distribution Incorporated (ADi) announces its agreement with Danish speaker maker Dynaudio, and Dynaudio Americas to become the sole distributor of Dynaudio Car products in the USA and Canada. ADi was formed in 2022 by a group of manufacturers and investors with the goal of bringing high-end car audio products to the Americas, tailored and fine tuned to fit the unique needs of these regions.

“Dynaudio will be one of the cornerstones of our high-end enterprise. There is simply no better sounding system speaker,” says Scott Welch of ADi. “I was blown away the first time I heard a properly set up Dynaudio Esotar system, and the meticulous tweaks to the Esotar2 have made them even better.”

“What is truly exceptional about the whole line,” he continues, “is that they have taken a great deal of the engineering that built the Esotar2 and applied it to all their drivers. The MSP cone material, the under-hung dual magnet motors, oversized voice coils, and the HF dome material are now used throughout the line. When you look at their most expensive model and their least expensive model, you can see the differences, but you can also see the similarities. Those similarities, from shared
engineering, are what makes the whole line such a great sound value, to all levels of audiophile listeners. We expect great things with the Dynaudio Line, and we can’t wait to get started.”

Dynaudio combined their knowledge gained from over 40 years of innovation with their expertise in building award-winning home hi-fi speakers. Dynaudio’s audio experts have their own uncompromising ideas about how an in-car sound system should really sound in terms of top performance and sound quality.

“Dynaudio is proud to be working with Scott Welch, John Borges and the team at Aegis Distribution,” said Michael Manousselis, president of Dynaudio Americas. “Their extensive product knowledge, incredible passion for high performance audio, and their vast industry experience make them the perfect partners to support the company’s car audio loudspeakers.”


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