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Brightpoint has begun distributing LG Electronics’ MobileComm wireless devices and accessories, including a complete range of CDMA and GSM products, to mobile operators and retail customers in the United States … BDI-Laguna is now authorized to carry Toshiba’s Gigabeat portable MP3 player with hard disk drive and color QVGA display, the first offering from the vendor’s new line of Gigastyle CE. “We needed a distribution partner that we could depend on to execute it flawlessly,” said Alex Rivera, Toshiba’s VP/strategic field account sales … AVAD Rocky Mountain has opened a new distribution center in Salt Lake City. The facility features a will-call counter and dedicated space for product training and technical/sales support, and provides same-day shipping to over 400 AVAD installers in the region … Alliance Distributors Holding has launched a new business-to-business Web site ( that’s designed to provide retailers easy access to the company’s extensive, database-driven catalog of over 5,000 video games and gaming products … ZReiss & Associates, the 15-year-old camera, computer and CE distributor, recently held its Annual In-house Trade Show for the spring/summer selling season at its Brooklyn, N.Y., headquarters. The company offered special promotions and hands-on demonstrations during the product showcase, which was topped by a buffet dinner.