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Brightstar Offering Cricket Protection Program


Mobile products distributor Brightstar,
through its eSecuritel subsidiary, will offer a device
protection program to subscribers
of prepaid cellular carrier Cricket
Communications across 35 states
beginning in the second quarter of

The eSecuritel program will cover
a wide range of mobile devices
including tablets, and will offer protection
against loss, theft, damage, malfunction and issues
experienced beyond the handset manufacturer’s
conventional warranty. It is expected to be available
through all Cricket distribution points.

“We’re excited to work with one of the nation’s largest
no-contract, pay-in-advance wireless providers, to
provide a tightly integrated solution that links Brightstar’s
POS, distribution and logistics expertise with our
robust device protection program offering and technology,”
said eSecuritel CEO David
Leach. “This combination of services
provides a new level of transparency
and real-time visibility that
will allow Cricket to better serve its
growing customer base.”

Under the program, Cricket representatives
will have access to realtime
customer information through eSecuritel’s handset
issue tracking system (HITSTM) to service device protection
customers as well as to monitor the program’s performance.
The program will also provide real-time visibility
into inventory levels “to make sure the right phones are in
the right place at the right time” for customer claim fulfillment,
eSecuritel said.