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Black Friday 2016 Watch: Best Buy & Target To Offer Free Shipping This Holiday Season (Starting Now)

Best Buy revealed it will once again offer free shipping during the holiday selling season, and Target is expected to follow suit.

Best Buy’s website states it will offer free shipping from now through Christmas Eve. The shipping method, whether standard or two-day, will be displayed on the product and purchase pages. No minimum is listed to take advantage of the offer, but there are a few ineligible items: special-order delivery items, certain scheduled delivery items, and products classified as “in-store only” or “check stores.”

Although Best Buy has yet to officially reveal its opening times, it’s expected to once again open on Thanksgiving based on previous years’ behavior.

Target, meanwhile, will also offer free shipping this holiday season beginning October 30, according to It also offered this deal last year.

The moves are likely attempts to incentivize the consumers who are more likely to let their fingers do the walking this Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and to level the playing field against e-commerce giant Amazon.  

On a related note, outdoor-goods retailer REI once again announced it will be closed on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday as part of its #OptOutside campaign.

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