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Best Buy, RadioShack Broaden Broadband

Best Buy and RadioShack have expanded their regional high-speed ISP offerings by respectively adding Verizon DSL and Comcast cable to their broadband mix.

Beginning this month, 93 Best Buy stores from Maine to Virginia are offering Verizon’s Online DSL service for $39.95 a month and a self-installation and modem kit from Westell WireSpeed for $129.99. Westell is offering a $30 rebate on the modem kit, and Verizon is providing one month of free service.

In a second payment plan option, customers can have a free modem kit shipped to their homes in exchange for a monthly rate that rises to $49.95 a month following three initial months of service at $29.95.

The Best Buy stores feature interactive broadband kiosks where consumers can determine if they are within Verizon’s DSL service area and can sign up for activation.

Meanwhile, RadioShack is offering broadband cable service from Comcast Cable Communications beginning this month in 600 stores located within the provider’s 26-state service area. As part of a special introductory offer, Comcast is providing its self-installation kit at no cost and is offering up to $130 in mail-in rebates to cover the cost of the cable modem.

Comcast, the country’s third-largest cable company, is working with RadioShack to develop a point-of-sale presence at participating stores.