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Best Buy Lowest In Plasma Pricing, Widest In 50W-Inch Offerings

Best Buy really does offer the best buys when it comes to plasma display panels.

According to Current Analysis, a market research firm based here, the average selling price (ASP) of Best Buy’s plasma TV assortment was 1.18 percent below the national average last month in an on-site survey of national chains. Second place honors for lowest plasma ASPs went to Costco, which was 0.70 percent below average.

The highest November ASPs for plasma displays were found at CompUSA, whose prices were 4.47 percent above the national average, followed by Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, whose plasma ASPs were 1.67 percent higher than the national average.

Wal-Mart actually had the lowest ASP for plasma TVs among national chains in November—$1,745 for its 42W-inch models—but was excluded from the national average due to its lack of a 50W-inch SKU. Other retailers included in the survey, who are represented in both panel sizes, are Fry’s, Sam’s Club and Sears.

In terms of flat-panel assortment, Best Buy offered the most 50W-inch plasma SKUs (11), while Circuit City offered the most 42W-inch plasma SKUs (15). Circuit City tied with Fry’s for the most 32W-inch LCD SKUs at 12 each.