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Best Buy First Retailer To Demo Oculus Rift VR Headset

Best Buy will become the first retailer to provide in-store demos of the Oculus Rift VR headset this Saturday.

Beginning May 7, the No. 1 CE chain will allow customers to test-drive the headsets at 48 select stores, within the showrooms’ Intel Experience sections.

There, “Oculus experts” will help guide guests through the VR experience using their choice of the Dreamdeck virtual environment or The Climb VR game.

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In addition, stores offering demos will have a few of the $600 headsets available for purchase, although Best Buy warns that quantities will be “very limited.” Pre-orders are already sold out online for an estimated August ship date.

Due to pent-up demand and curiosity, customers are encouraged to make demo appointments, available here, and additional stores will be offering the demos throughout the year, starting this summer.

Best Buy currently sells and demos Samsung’s smartphone-based Gear VR headset, and has also maxed out pre-orders of PlayStation VR, which is due in October.