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A/V, Handhelds In Holiday Battle


Do you expect more sales
dollars in handheld products (tablet and
netbook PCs, cellphones, MP3, e-readers)
than flat-panel TV and home audio?

Rob Eby, D&H Distributing:

will be huge. Add that to the success of
the many other portable formats, and
it could potentially be larger than sales
of TVs. This is not to say that portability
will take away from display sales. It’s
more that the array of digital content that
consumers want at their fingertips is so
wide, it can accommodate a whole list of
developing formats and categories, and
that collective demand can surpass even
the success of flat-panel TVs. 3D TV
was expected to be an ongoing driver,
but that technology hasn’t taken off as
quickly as was originally hoped.

Warren Chaiken, Almo:

more units of handheld products will be
sold this fourth quarter but not sales dollars.
TV and home A/V products carry
a higher ASP than handheld products
therefore the actual revenue volume will
be greater in these categories.

Fred Towns, New Age Electronics:

The highest demand will probably be
for tablets and netbooks with e-readers.
With the price point for flat screens becoming
more affordable, consumers will
be inclined to include audio solutions,
like surround sound, to complete their
home entertainment investment.

Mark Gustavson, WYNIT:

panels and home audio systems may
take a back seat to portable devices
this season in terms of units sold. It remains
to be seen if portable device volume
will be sufficient to generate more
revenue that installed home entertainment