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All Point Launches New Managed Retail Commerce Solution

Makes unified commerce possible for retailers of all sizes and verticals

All Point, a specialty retail IT solutions company, has announced its Managed Retail Commerce offering, a new service that unleashes the potential of unified commerce for any retailer. Centered around one integrated IT platform and bolstered by their consulting, design, development, implementation and support services, they customize solutions to help retailers address their IT challenges from “all points,” creating a foundation for both current and future needs states.

“All Point understands the rising pressure of technology in the retail vertical. In fact, that’s all we do –technology for retail,” said Sean Quinn, All Point CEO. “We’ve lived retail’s realities for decades and have always been ahead of the curve, which is why we were so ready for the surprises 2020 presented. Our Managed Retail Commerce model allowed our clients to quickly pivot from in-store to on-line almost immediately.

“This elasticity not only kept them in business, but allowed them to exponentially grow during 2020 because of a fully integrated customer experience from CRM, OMS, Ecom, and Mobile. Ecom skyrocketed immediately upon store closings and then maintained those levels even after stores re-opened. As they’ve opened new brick and mortar locations, the mobile solutions have become part of their permanent solution – all with critical speed to market, and no further investment by our clients. That is true Managed Retail commerce.”

Omnichannel has been a buzzword for close to a decade, yet few retailers have truly cracked the code on making it not just a fulfillment effort, but a 360-degree customer reality. To make it real, all systems must work together with one common, forward-facing vision for their customers.

All points of commerce must have the same look, feel and symbiotic experience, yet operate contextually for the touchpoint. This is the vision and technology that underpins the promise of Managed Retail Commerce and, when implemented, it allows retailers to pivot ‘elastically’ across all platforms.

All Point’s Managed Retail Commerce includes all hardware, SAAS, integrations, platforms, and unlimited service support coverage in a fixed monthly technology-as-a-service model. This focuses the client on the business operations model needed at the time to meet their customers’ needs, rather than be restricted and limited by their current infrastructure or methods of doing business.

“Ultimately, we offer a method to get back to business efficiently and cost-effectively with a foundational ecosystem that makes this vision possible,” added Quinn. “We help our retail clients meet their customers at the many intersection points of their lives, seamlessly and personalized to their needs. If they want to swing by a store and pick up at the curb, get something sent home swiftly, ping for a product via mobile, grab on impulse from an automated vending machine or pop by a pop-up, our solution can make it happen. And as the formats of retail continue to expand, this foundation will lead them into the future.”

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About All Point
All Point is an integrated IT company that unleashes the potential of unified commerce to any retailer. Enabled by our new Managed Retail Commerce offering, brands can now outsource all or part of their retail IT needs–from POS to inventory to analytics and beyond–to swiftly and nimbly flex to any operational or customer requirement, regardless of place or platform. Further supported by our ‘one point of responsibility’ model, custom solutions, local, regional and national support and creative financing, retailers can now get the help they need for evolving IT requirements so they can better focus on what matters most – selling.

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