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Sony Takes 4K LED, OLED TVs to the Next Level

As 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) video grow in popularity, television manufacturers are feeling the pressure to make large displays that offer the ultimate in image resolution, color range, and picture contrast. And that’s not all: These displays must be able to support the latest Smart TV features, offer superb audio, and be super-thin to boot.

In response to these challenges, Sony Corporation has released its new line of 4K HDR MASTER Series TVs. Collectively, these displays embrace and deliver every aspect of 4K HDR performance – and exceed it.

Available in both OLED and LED models, MASTER Series TVs use Sony’s Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate GPU (graphics processing unit) to deliver crystal-clear, blur-free 4K video enhanced by HDR’s full color and contrast range. This processor ensures that every visual element is rendered in real-time with complete accuracy; even during fast-moving video sequences.

In doing so, the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate ensures that Sony MASTER Series TVs faithfully convey the creators’ intent, when it comes to showing their movies and TV programs in the content’s full visual glory. This is true whether the HDR format being used is HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, or IMAX-enhanced.

Sony’s meticulously engineered MASTER Series TVs exclusively supports Netflix Calibrated Mode, which ensures that 4K/HDR programs streamed from this content provider are shown with complete color accuracy and full resolution. These TVs also work with the CalMAN auto calibration system, which makes it easy to fully calibrate video displays quicker and easier than by using older manual methods.

All MASTER Series TVs can be operated using the Android TV Google Assistant interface, as well as conventional remote controls.

Sony’s MASTER Series TVs – An Overview

This video and web page summarize the key features of Sony’s MASTER Series TVs.


OLED (organic light-emitting diode) televisions are known for their superb contrast range and ‘true blacks’. This is possible because OLEDs can completely turn off individual pixels.

Sony’s A9F BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV – part of the Sony MASTER Series – has over 8 million self-illuminating OLED pixels under the control of the company’s super-fast Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate. The result is stable, precise, and detailed video with the best colors, and the blackest blacks.

To add even more life to the A9F’s HDR capabilities, the video content is supercharged using Sony’s Pixel Contrast Booster to deliver bright, vivid colors every time. To provide lifelike details and textures, the A9F employs Sony Object-Based Super Resolution and 4K X-Reality PRO™ technology. The result is a 4K HDR picture so close to reality, that you will be hard-pressed to tell it apart from the real thing.

This visual mastery is matched with Sony’s innovative Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology that incorporates three actuators and two subwoofers to reproduce a 3.2 channel sound system that comes directly from the entire screen. Or for the home theater purist, Center Speaker Mode allows you to use the TV as the center channel with your surround sound system making dialog come directly from the screen for a more cinematic and lifelike experience.


A look at this exciting 4K HDR OLED display.

Sony’s Z9F 4K HDR TV

Total LED TV Mastery. This is what Sony has achieved with its MASTER Series Z9F 4K HDR television.

The combination of the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate and Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO 12x technology ensures that the Z9F consistently offers pristine 4K HDR picture quality. This is enhanced by the company’s Precision Full-Array Local Dimming and Boosting Technology: It dynamically changes light levels in different parts of the LED screen to provide a dramatic increase in picture contrast and brightness.

The Z9F’s superb 4K HDR picture quality and color range stands up even when the screen is being viewed from the side, thanks to Sony’s X-Wide Angle image rendering system.

Meanwhile, image clarity is maximized and blurring minimized by the company’s X-Motion Clarity technology; with an incredibly fast refresh rate for action sequences. This ensures the most viewable video at all times.

Sony Z9F 4K HDR TV

A video view of this amazing 4K HDR LED television.

The very best 4K HDR displays

Whether in OLED or LED, Sony’s MASTER Series TVs deliver the very best, highest quality 4K HDR video imagery available today. As befits a company that has led television engineering for almost 60 years, nothing else comes close.

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