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Smart Home for the Holidays

Although the calendar says summer, it’s not too early to think about the holiday selling season and the huge opportunity the all-important fourth quarter presents for technology-driven products and services.

A look back at the last six months shows that connectivity is increasingly important for consumers—with smart homes at the center of it all. This holiday season will be a busy one helping consumers create their ideal version of the smart home—a place where they have the ability to make everyday household devices more efficient.

The average homeowner is embracing the connected home with 12.5 percent of all U.S. households now considered “smart,” according to S & P Market Intelligence. Led by the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, voice-assistant technology is powering the ubiquitous smart speaker that now serves as the gateway to multiple smart home devices such as appliances, thermostats, light bulbs, smoke alarms and more.

Smart home devices overall are expected to grow almost 27 percent this year, according to the IDC’s Smart Home Device Tracker. Last year, noted IDC, it was about getting products into consumers’ homes. This year, it’s about linking devices together for a cohesive experience that’s layered with services.

The beauty of the smart home’s next-generation products and continued ease-of-use is that it’s mainstream and relatable for a broader range of consumers – whether it means a basic router, a smart speaker, or an entire mesh network. The newest routers are using QR codes that allow people to quickly and easily scan their code and connect up allowing them to create the best positioning within the home based on where devices are used. Everyone from first-time homeowners to the elderly can now benefit and enjoy a connected home.

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By simply communicating the benefits to consumers, the smart home story sells itself. Turning on the lights in the bedroom instead of getting up and hitting the light switch. Opening a garage door with a smartphone instead of fumbling for a remote. Simplifying cooling and heating with smart thermostats that automate those functions while optimizing energy efficiency. Smart locks that allow opening a front door without a physical key. Down the road, there will even be smart upholstered furniture that will automatically adjust for comfort when each person takes a seat.

Beyond that, other tech devices are shaping up to be promising sellers for the holiday season. Continual advancements make personal computers a compelling item any time of year, but especially during the fourth quarter. Consumers want thin, light and fast devices with long lasting battery life. SSD drives that speed up devices and provide instant boot up times can be great add-ons. It’s also the perfect opportunity to target Millennials and Gen Z, who are eliminating cable TV and choosing to stream content, turning PCs into their new TVs. And as 5G becomes more widespread in 2020, products will exceed expectations with lightning-fast streaming and download times.

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