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U.S. TV Homes Using A Smart TV To Stream Up 15 Percentage Points Since 2020

Hub Entertainment Research reveals the huge pandemic-era shift in consumption patterns. The big question in a post-growth era for Netflix: Is this shift still happening?

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The share of U.S. TV homes that use their smart TV to stream video rose from 47% in 2020 to a current level of 62%, according to a survey of 2,526 U.S. consumers conducted by Hub Entertainment Research in May.

Hub’s Evolution of the TV Set 2022 report also found that the share of U.S. TV homes with a smart TV rose to 74% from 61% over that same two-year span.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

It’s well-understood at this point that large numbers of TV consumers globally adopted the streaming habit during the quarantine portion of the ongoing pandemic.

But with streaming companies like Netflix attributing, at least partly, their recent growth deceleration to a more sudden supply-chain-related slowdown in global smart TV shipments, it might have been more interesting for Hub to reveal what has happened in the last 12 months as opposed to the last two years.

So it goes.

Hub also found that use of integrated voice control and smart speakers is way up over the last 24 months.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

Also, streaming music is the No. 1 “non-TV” application performed on smart TVs, according to Hub.

(Image credit: Hub Entertainment Research)

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