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Mobile Shopping Overtakes Desktop: SimilarWeb Report

Cellphones and tablets have become the preferred format for online shoppers, a new study shows.

According to market research firm SimilarWeb, nearly 56 percent of all website visits to retailers came from mobile devices last year, making m-commerce the new default for U.S. cyber shoppers.

Of the Top 10 largest online shopping sites, Walmart and Target had the biggest mix of mobile traffic in 2015, at 65 percent each.

But despite the convenience of mobile, and its possible influence on impulse purchases, there’s a downside to m-commerce, warned digital insights manager Pavel Tuchinsky, as shoppers spend less time and view fewer pages on sites when using with handheld devices.

“Engagement and time-on-site has not been maintained in the transition towards mobile shopping,” Tuchinsky noted. “Retailers must continue to embrace the rapid change towards mobile, including better checkout flows, and integration between desktop and mobile sites.”

Here’s a breakdown of mobile’s share of traffic at the aforementioned Top 10 U.S. sites last year:

Top 10 Retail Sites By Ranking And Mobile (average/monthly in 2015)

  1. Amazon: 55%
  2. eBay: 54%
  3. Walmart: 65%
  4. BestBuy: 59%
  5. Target: 65%
  6. Etsy: 55%
  7. Home Depot: 58%
  8. Kohl’s: 64%
  9. Newegg: 42%
  10. Sears: 57%

Source: SimilarWeb